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Renewing Valverde will be more expensive for Athletic

Jesus Carames

April 17, 2024 | 4:19 p.m.

Uncertainty in Valverde's renewal

The future of Ernesto Valverde, Athletic Club coach, is at a crossroads. Despite his successful return to Bilbao, where he has transformed the team from a low position in the table to winning the Copa del Rey title and competing for a place in the Champions League, his renewal has been complicated. .

Valverde's appeal in the European market

Valverde, whose management has revitalized Athletic, awakening the interest of renowned clubs in Europe. Recent information suggests that Liverpool, Bayern Munich, and AC Milan They are considering Txingurri to lead their projects. This interest has arisen at a critical time, just when Valverde was expected to sign a contract extension with Athletic.

Athletic's dilemma

Athletic now faces the challenge of ensuring Valverde's continuity in the face of tempting external offers. The coach's situation, eager to remain in Bilbao for a season that promises to be historic with the Europa League on the horizon, is clouded by the possibility of improving his contractual conditions.

Ambitious strategies and expectations

Valverde hopes to lead Athletic in the Europa League, especially with the tournament's final scheduled to be held in San Mamés in 2025. His desire to move forward with the project that has begun in Bilbao is strong, but competitive offers could jeopardize his permanence.

Athletic must assess whether it can match or exceed the proposals that Valverde has on the table, without compromising its financial structure. This involves a delicate balance between recognizing the coach's achievements and maintaining the financial sustainability of the club.

The renewal of Ernesto Valverde is not only crucial for the immediate future of Athletic Club but also for the stability and progress of the team in European competitions. The club and the coach are at a decisive moment where they must weigh the value of continuity against emerging opportunities. The fans anxiously hope that the negotiations conclude favorably, ensuring that Valverde remains on the rojiblanco bench for at least the next two years.

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