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San Mamés in fourth place in the league in terms of revenue per game

San Mamés is in fourth place in the league in terms of revenue per game

Jeickson Sulbaran

February 17, 2024 | 4:38 p.m.

Athletic Club, with its San Mamés stadium as a bastion, has managed to place itself in an enviable position in terms of income generated per game in the 2022-23 season, placing itself only behind giants such as FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid. This is not only an indicator of economic success, but also a reflection of unwavering support and the loyalty of its fans, who have turned San Mamés into much more than a stadium: a home for football in Bilbao.

The economic impact of San Mamés on the financial structure of Athletic

San Mamés is in fourth place in the league in terms of revenue per game

The numbers speak for themselves. An average of €1,4 million per match is a notable achievement, especially in a challenging economic context. Athletic has not only demonstrated its strength on the field, but also at the box office. This figure is made up of the income generated by the sale of tickets and season tickets, including both loyal members who attend regularly and those who buy tickets occasionally or enjoy the game from the VIP area.

But beyond the numbers, what really stands out is the bond between the team and its fans. San Mamés is not just a stadium, It is a symbol of the city, a place where passion and tradition congregate. This emotional connection translates into tangible financial support, which allows the club to maintain its competitiveness both in LaLiga and on the European scene.

Fan loyalty, key to economic and sporting success

What makes San Mamés and Athletic special is the loyalty of their followers. Athletic fans are not just spectators; They are an integral part of the club, an extension of the team in the stands. Spending an average of 42 euros per game to watch your team play is a sign of your commitment and love for the red and white colors. This loyalty is not only reflected in the financial support, but also in the atmosphere experienced in each match, an atmosphere that motivates the players and pushes them to give their best.

Additionally, the Board of Directors' strategy to increase attendance has been key. Initiatives such as the distribution of cards have encouraged San Mamés to register remarkably high attendance, which not only benefits the club financially, but also creates a vibrant and exciting environment for matches. The presence of 51.544 fans in the second leg of the Cup semi-finals against Osasuna is a clear example of how intelligent and sensitive management can give extraordinary results.

Athletic Club and its San Mamés stadium They have achieved a perfect balance between economic success and sporting loyalty. The revenue generated is a reflection of the tireless support of its fans and astute management. San Mamés is not just a stadium in the heart of Bilbao; is a testament to the power of football to unite a community and forge a legacy.

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