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The Athletic Club brand is revalued after winning the Cup

Jesus Carames

April 19, 2024 | 10:47 a.m.

The recent victory of Athletic Club in the Copa del Rey has not only revitalized the spirit of its fervent fans, the athleticzales, but has also had a significant impact on your finances and the appreciation of your brand. This victory, the first in 40 years, has demonstrated the depth of the connection between the club and the society of Bilbao and Bizkaia, a union that transcends sporting successes and is deeply rooted in the cultural and social identity of the region.

Financial and brand boost

1. Strengthening the Club's identity: Athletic Club has shown that its value as an institution goes beyond trophies and titles. The community's constant identification with the red and white colors and the club's values ​​highlights an unbreakable relationship that has endured through the decades, regardless of sporting successes.

2. Attractiveness for new sponsors: The victory in the Cup has significantly increased the attractiveness of Athletic Club for potential sponsors. Companies that choose to associate with the club will not only gain visibility locally, but also globally, thanks to the reach of the club's successes in prestigious international media such as The Guardian or The Washington Post. This visibility ensures a significant return on investment, increasing interest and competition among potential sponsors.

3. Valuation of the naming of San Mamés: According to a recent study by Data4Help, the naming right of the San Mamés stadium could be valued at close to 3 million euros. This value is a clear indication of the power of the Athletic brand and its emblematic stadium, offering a lucrative opportunity for brands interested in associating with an entity with great roots and popularity.

4. Increase in brand value: The conquest of the Copa del Rey has revalued the Athletic brand by more than 30%. This increase in brand value not only directly benefits the club in terms of sponsorship and merchandising negotiations, but also improves its position in the global sports market.

A rising value

Athletic Club's victory in the Copa del Rey has proven to be much more than a sporting achievement; It is a cultural and social triumph that has reinforced the club's brand to levels never seen before. The Athletic has not only won a trophy, but has also solidified its status as a pillar of the community and a wonderful attraction for commercial investment. Companies that partner with this club will not only be investing in a football team, but in a symbol of Basque identity and a vehicle for global reach.

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