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The vaunted Zubieta model is not for Basque youth players

The Zubieta model is not for youth players in the Champions League

Jeickson Sulbaran

February 15, 2024 | 12:30 p.m.

In the exciting world of football, where each team seeks its formula for success, Real Sociedad stands out with its unique model 'Zubieta'. This strategy, which focuses on a mix of local and international talent, now faces the scrutiny and admiration of Europe. The inclusion of players from Suriname, Japan, Nigeria, Portugal, France, along with youth players from Celta, Osasuna and a goalkeeper from Lezama, is a bold bet that challenges conventions and shows a globalized approach to football.

Real Sociedad, with its diverse set of players, represents a modern vision of the sport. It is a team that, instead of limiting itself to traditional borders, embraces globalization, integrating talents from diverse backgrounds. This policy not only tactically enriches the team, but also reflects an inclusive and cosmopolitan spirit.

In the Champions League, the Zubieta model undergoes a litmus test

The Zubieta model is not for youth players in the Champions League

Here, the team must not only demonstrate its sporting worth, but also the effectiveness of its philosophy. Facing rivals backed by huge investments, such as Qatar's petrodollars, Real Sociedad seeks to assert that its approach, focused on a balance between youth and global talent, is a viable path to success.

But what does this mean for the youth players? Some might see the presence of international players as a limitation for local talent. However, this approach offers young people from the quarry a unique setting for their development.: the opportunity to learn and grow alongside players from different cultures and playing styles. It is a training experience that goes beyond purely sports.

The Royal Society, With its multicultural approach, it is not only competing in the Champions League, but also carrying out a social and sporting experiment. They are showing that football, at its essence, is a universal game, where diversity can be a strength and not a weakness.

In the 'Zubieta' model it is a reflection of the evolution of football in the era of globalization. It is a commitment to diversity, inclusion and the integration of talents from around the world. In the Champions League, this approach will be put to the test, but regardless of the result, Real Sociedad has already won in terms of innovation and vision for the future.

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