May 21th 2024 | 12:57


Bilbao Basket power forward Thijs De Ridder nominated candidate for best young player in the Endesa League

Bilbao Basketball

Jesus Carames

April 15, 2024 | 6:01 p.m.

At only 21 years old, De Ridder has achieved an average of 6,1 points and 3,9 rebounds per game in the 29 games he has played, leaving an indelible mark in his first year in the national basketball elite.

The young Belgian, who arrived in Bilbao from Antwerp, where he established himself as the best young player and sixth man in the Belgian league, has continued his upward trajectory in Spain. His most outstanding performance to date was against Baxi Manresa in Miribilla on January 7, where he achieved 17 points and 13 rebounds, reaching a total of 28 rating credits in that single game.

De Ridder competes for the best young player award with fifteen other promising players from different teams, including Jean Montero of Morabanc Andorra, James Nnaji of Barça, and Lucas Langarita of Casademont Zaragoza, among others. This award not only recognizes individual talent, but also highlights those players who are making a difference for their respective teams.

The selection of the winner involves multiple sectors of the basketball community, including team captains, coaches, media and the fans themselves, the latter who can cast their vote through the official ACB application until December 21. April.

At 2,03 meters tall, De Ridder has not only shown skill on the court, but also a commitment and energy that make him a key piece in Bilbao Basket's rotation. His ability to improve and adapt has been evident, and his contribution to the team is reflected in every game he plays.

While Thijs De Ridder continues to develop his game and make a name for himself in the Endesa League, Surne Bilbao Basket and its fans will be attentive and supporting the young power forward in his career towards becoming one of the pillars of basketball in Spain.

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