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Uriarte manages to convince Óscar de Marcos to continue one more season

Maria Jose Gonzalez

May 17, 2024 | 11:45 a.m.

Óscar De Marcos, one of the pillars of Athletic Club, has informed his teammates that he will renew his contract for one more season. The decision, executed by Jon Uriarte and Mikel González under the order of coach Ernesto Valverde, will be official in the coming days. This movement reaffirms the commitment of the club and the player to the lions' sporting project.

The importance of Óscar De Marcos in Athletic Club: leadership and experience in the team

De Marcos, who has been a key player at Athletic for more than a decade, has proven time and again his worth both on and off the field. His ability to play in multiple positions, his fighting spirit and his loyalty to the club have made him a reference for his teammates and a beloved figure for the fans..

This renewal not only means the continuity of an experienced player, but also the preservation of a leader within the locker room. At a time when the club seeks to consolidate its sporting project under the direction of Valverde, keeping De Marcos is a sign of stability and confidence in Athletic's historical values.

A solid sports project: the strategy behind the renewal of Óscar De Marcos

The decision to renew De Marcos is part of a broader strategy by Athletic Club to strengthen its squad with players who embody the spirit of the club. Jon Uriarte and Mikel González, responsible for sports management, have worked closely with Valverde to ensure that De Marcos' renewal is a reality. This collaboration reflects the internal cohesion and alignment in the team's short and long-term objectives.

Furthermore, De Marcos' renewal occurs in a context in which Athletic seeks to regain its place among the best in La Liga. The club is confident that De Marcos' experience and leadership will be instrumental in guiding the younger players and contributing to the development of a competitive squad..

The news of the renewal of Óscar De Marcos has been received with enthusiasm by both the staff and the fans. This official announcement, which is expected in the coming days, will consolidate the continuity of a player who has given everything for the club and who continues to be a key piece in Valverde's plans.. With De Marcos on the team, Athletic Club ensures not only talent and versatility on the field, but also an example of professionalism and dedication.

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