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Make Athletic even bigger

Valverde reaches the level of Clemente

Jesus Carames

May 18, 2024 | 7:30 a.m.

The Athletic Club coach, Ernesto Valverde, signed today the extension of his contract for one more year with the club. This announcement has been received with great enthusiasm by both the board and the fans. Valverde, known for his dedication and passion, has expressed his gratitude and excitement for this new opportunity. "It is a new illusion to be able to lead Athletic for another year," the man from Gasteiz declared this afternoon.

Valverde has not failed to highlight what this season has meant for the club. "This year has been a special, different and historic year," he commented, reflecting on the achievements and memorable moments experienced. With his characteristic combative spirit, the coach is already looking to the future with optimism and determination. "We are going to see next year what happens, with more difficulty, with desire and with that point that all of us who are part of Athletic have of being able to start a new season, continue with the project and give it one more twist," he stated.

Grateful for the opportunity, Valverde recognized the demands of modern football and the trust that the club has placed in him. "Football is very demanding and having the club trust me again is something I like, because this is my club," he admitted. However, he is also aware of the great responsibility that this entails, especially that of returning all that trust. For Valverde, the fans are a fundamental pillar and their recognition is vital. «You have to go to San Mamés every day to try to win, to play a game that people identify with. Go to all the fields representing Athletic Club, have everyone recognize you and get more people to want to join Athletic," he stressed.

Valverde's career at Athletic: a lasting and fruitful bond

Ernesto Valverde also remembered his long and significant career at Athletic Club. «I arrived in the year 90, I was not from the youth academy but I have been here for a long time. The club has always placed a lot of trust in me, both as a player and as a coach, and I have tried to repay it with my work," he mentioned. This relationship of trust and commitment has been a constant in his career, and the extension of his contract is a testament to his dedication and success.

Valverde has been a key figure in the development and consolidation of Athletic Club in recent years. His experience and vision have allowed the team to achieve important achievements and face challenges with courage. "It's been a long time here and it means a lot to me that they still offer me to continue for another year and we can continue achieving things," he said.

The challenge of the new season: continuity and evolution

With the renewal of his contract, Valverde is clear that next season will bring new challenges and opportunities. His focus will be on maintaining the essence of Athletic while he seeks to innovate and improve. “Let's see what happens next year,” he repeated, indicating his commitment to facing difficulties with determination and optimism.

The coach has also expressed his intention to continue working closely with the squad and fans to ensure that Athletic Club continues to be a benchmark in Spanish football. His goal is clear: to continue building on the solid foundation he has established and take the team to new heights.

The importance of fans and recognition

For Valverde, the connection with the fans is essential. His wish is that each match at San Mamés is a celebration of football and a display of the passion that defines Athletic Club. "You have to go to San Mamés every day to try to win," he reiterated, underlining the importance of representing the club with pride and commitment.

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