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Work begins to free the Itsasmuseum barge

Work begins to free the Itsasmuseum barge

Maria Jose Gonzalez

April 8, 2024 | 1:59 p.m.

Operation begins in Bilbao to move the barge from the Itsasmuseum to the estuary

On a morning that seemed like any other in Bilbao, The hustle and bustle in the Itsasmuseum area announced something big. It wasn't just another day; It was the beginning of a meticulously planned operation, destined to be remembered for years among the citizens of Bizkaia. The Athletic Club barge, symbol of celebration and pride, was about to embark on a unique journey from his abode in the museum dam to the waters of the Bilbao estuary.

From the early hours, the bustle of the workers at the Town hall cutting part of the railing was nothing more than the prelude to what was to come. A crane of colossal dimensions was preparing to play a crucial role in this event. Their task: raise and move the barge, witness of triumphs and celebrations, towards his new destination in the estuary, where would await the celebration for the recent victory of the Athletic Club de Bilbao.

The preparation and execution of this maneuver not only demonstrates the skill and technical precision of those who participate in it, but also the community spirit and the importance of keeping traditions alive in the heart of Bizkaia. Every cut in the railing, each movement of the crane, resonated as an echo of past stories and victories, reliving them for a new generation.

This operation was not only a logistical challenge; It was a reflection of the identity of Bilbao and its citizens. The barge, more than a boat, is a symbol of unity and celebration. Watching it sail through the estuary would not only be a visual spectacle impressive but also a moment of deep cultural and emotional significance for all those present and those who followed the event from their homes.

The coordination between the Town hall, itsasmuseum and the various technical teams demonstrates a perfect synergy, one that is only achieved with the shared passion to make this event a resounding success. Every step, from planning to execution, has been meticulously thought out to ensure not only safety during the move but also to maximize the impact and significance of this moment.

Operation begins in Bilbao to move the barge from the Itsasmuseum to the estuary

As the hours progressed, the anticipation grew. The community gathered, either physically around the estuary or virtually through social networks, to be part of this historic event. The barge, now freed from its confinement in the dock, was ready to be the center of a celebration that promised to be engraved in the collective memory of Bizkaia.

As the sun began to descend over Bilbao, the joint effort of so many people culminated in a spectacle of unity and tradition. The barge, majestic on its journey through the estuary, was not only a witness to the victory of Athletic Club; It was a reminder of what we can achieve when we work together, respecting our traditions and looking to the future with hope and determination.

This operation for Moving the barge is not just a demonstration of technical skill and meticulous planning; It is a celebration of the community, tradition and indomitable spirit of Bilbao and all of Bizkaia. An event that, without a doubt, strengthens our ties and reminds us of the value of our roots and the importance of looking forward, together.

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