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A Blaugrana tide will invade Bilbao

Mairenis Gomez

May 15, 2024 | 4:45 p.m.

After RAC1, around 40.000 Blaugrana fans traveled to Bilbao for the UWCL final against Lyon

After the exciting RAC1 meeting, around 40.000 Barcelona fans traveled to Bilbao to the UEFA Women's Champions League final (UWCL) against Lyon. San Mamés, with capacity for 53.289 people, will become the epicenter of the Women's Football.

Fan zones and activities in San Mamés: the great women's football festival in Bilbao

The UWCL final in Bilbao will not be just a match, but a complete party with a display of activities that will take place both on the San Mamés esplanade and in two 'fan zones' set up for fans of both teams.. The most notable novelty of this edition is the creation of these meeting points, located a ten-minute walk from the stadium, allowing fans to enjoy a festive and safe atmosphere.

Before the match, which will be held on Saturday, May 25 at 18:00 p.m., there will be a series of activities on the San Mamés esplanade. The programming will begin at twelve in the morning and will be interrupted at five thirty in the afternoon, half an hour before the start of the meeting. Once the match is over, activities will resume 45 minutes later and will continue until ten at night. In addition, the official UEFA Women's Champions League store will be open from ten in the morning.

fan zones

Near the Maritime Museum, a floating soccer field will be installed on the estuary, adding a unique and visually attractive touch to the event. The Barcelona and Lyon fans will have their own 'fan zones': Barcelona's in Doña Casilda and Lyon's in Plaza Indautxu. These points are strategically located near essential services such as bars, restaurants and transportation, ensuring a comfortable and fun experience for everyone.

San Mamés: the center of the celebration

On the day of the match, the Euskalduna Palace will host the 'House of #WePlayStrong' event, organized by UEFA to promote and support women's football. This free event, which will be held from 12:30 to 16:30 p.m. in Hall II, will offer live entertainment, exclusive meetings with soccer players, interactive games and raffles with great prizes. In addition, there will be culinary tastings and other surprises for attendees.

San Mamés will present a great entrance for the event. On March 8, the first 18.000 tickets were sold out in just one hour, and UEFA released a new batch two weeks later, which also sold out quickly. The finalist teams received only 10.000 tickets each, despite the fact that the stadium has a capacity of 53.331 spectators.

Around 40.000 Blaugrana fans traveled to Bilbao for the UWCL final against Lyon.

Transport and access: how to get around Bilbao during the UWCL final

To facilitate access to the stadium and fan zones, UEFA has provided a useful guide with recommendations on transport and parking. It is suggested to use the BEC from Barakaldo and then take the metro to get to San Mamés. In addition, safe pedestrian routes have been marked from the meeting points to the stadium, ensuring an orderly and safe flow of fans.

Ultimately, The UWCL final in Bilbao will not only be a top-level sporting event, but a true celebration of women's football with activities for all tastes. From 'fan zones' interactive events to special events at the Euskalduna Palace, Bilbao will dress up to welcome thousands of fans and celebrate the talent and passion of women's football.

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