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Agirrezabala takes charge in the absence of Unai Simón

Jesus Carames

June 17, 2024 | 5:13 pm

Valverde's planning in the face of Unai Simón's injury

Ernesto Valverde, coach of Athletic Club, has had to adjust his plans for next season due to the injury of Unai Simon, the starting goalkeeper. Aware of the situation, Valverde has designed a summer in which Julen Agirrezabala will take a leading role from the start of the League.

Because Unai Simón will have to undergo surgery after the Eurocup To treat his wrist discomfort, it will be Agirrezabala who will assume responsibility in goal. «Julen Agirrezabala, who will not go to the Olympic Games, will start the League as a starter»confirmed club sources, which demonstrates the trust placed in the young goalkeeper.

Preparation with young talents

During the preseason, Agirrezabala will be accompanied by Padilla and one or two more goalkeepers from the affiliates. This decision by Valverde not only seeks to cover the temporary absence of Unai Simón, but also provide an opportunity for the club's young talents to gain experience and prepare for possible future responsibilities in the first team.

The coach has made it clear that the preparation will be intense and that all the players will have to prove their worth in each training session. «He will be accompanied by Padilla and one or two more goalkeepers from the affiliates at the start of the preseason», it is indicated, underlining the importance of integrating young people into the dynamics of the first team.

Agirrezabala's challenge

For Julen Agirrezabala, this is a unique opportunity to establish himself as an elite goalkeeper in La Liga. Despite his youth, he has proven to have the quality and character necessary to take on this challenge. His performance in the first few games will be crucial not only for the team, but also for his own development as a player.

With the pressure of replacing a goalkeeper as experienced and crucial as Unai Simón, Agirrezabala will have to show his best level from the start. Valverde's confidence and the support of the technical team will be essential for the young goalkeeper to perform successfully.

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