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Aingeru Olabarrieta advances in the 2024 football draft awards

Jesus Carames

April 19, 2024 | 8:13 a.m.

Aingeru Olabarrieta has become a prominent name on the Spanish football scene after being selected in the 77th men's cut of the @futboldraft 2024 awards, a recognition that highlights the most promising young players born since 2004. The inclusion of Olabarrieta On this list he is especially notable as he is the only representative of Athletic Club in his right wing position, which underlines his talent and potential on the field.

A great talent from Athletic

The @futboldraft awards are well known in the world of football for identifying and honoring the future stars of the sport in Spain. The selection of Olabarrieta, born in 2005, in this exclusive group places him in a privileged position within the talent radar, both nationally and internationally. This is not only a testament to his skill and dedication, but also highlights the quality of the youth training of the Athletic Club, known for its commitment to developing local talent through its youth academy.

The right wing position requires a combination of speed, technical ability, and tactical ability, qualities that Olabarrieta has demonstrated in his appearances. This recognition could be the springboard for a successful career, not only at Athletic Club but potentially also on the international stage.

Furthermore, the fact that Olabarrieta is the only Athletic player selected in this category speaks to his exceptional talent and suggests that he could have a significant impact on the team's future. Athletic fans, known for their passion and unconditional support for youth players, will surely be excited to follow his development and contributions to the team in the coming seasons.

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