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Aiora Renteria, musical icon and ambassador of Athletic on her anniversary

Aiora Renteria, distinguished as Athletic's November ambassador

Jeickson Sulbaran

November 9, 2023 | 4:30 pm

Aiora Renteria, the voice that has vibrated in the stadiums and has filled athletic hearts with emotion, becomes the new ambassador of the Athletic Club for the month of November in commemoration of its 125th anniversary. This designation not only recognizes his musical career with Zea Mays, but also their close connection and love for the red and white colors.

A Career Linked to Athletics

From the stands of the legendary San Mamés to the stages of grand finals, Renteria has been an omnipresent figure in Athletic culture. His voice has been the soundtrack of countless club moments, including the emotional performance of 'Legoiak', a tribute to the women's team that has remained etched in the collective memory.

Educator and Music: Two Passions

In addition to his passion for soccer, Renteria has stood out in the educational field. As a music teacher, she has brought the same passion and dedication to the classrooms of the Zaratamo Public School. This double facet reflects a commitment to youth and culture that goes beyond the stages and playing fields.

Zea Mays: A Reflection of Errekalde

The band Zea Mays, born in 1997 in the Errekalde neighborhood, is a reflection of Bilbao's identity. With Renteria at the helm, they have built a career that has managed to fuse alternative rock with lyrics that breathe Basque reality. Zea Mays is synonymous with authenticity, and his music has been a mirror where generations have looked at themselves.

A Musical and Sports Legacy

The career of Renteria and his band is a legacy that goes beyond music; It is a narrative of perseverance, identity and community. The choice of Renteria as ambassador is no coincidence, it is a recognition of a career in which she has known how to intertwine melodies and ball hits in the same success story.

In this celebration of Athletic's anniversary, Aiora Renteria stands not only as an outstanding artist but as a symbol of red and white passion, her music and her commitment to the club are already part of the living history of Athletic, and her figure as an ambassador reaffirms the indissoluble bond between the sports entity and its most faithful followers.

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