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Al Nassr forces Aymeric Laporte to negotiate his return to Athletic

Mairenis Gomez

June 19, 2024 | 5:00 pm

The Saudi club demands that Laporte assume a considerable financial sacrifice if he wants to return to Europe

Al Nassr is moving in the market with a view to strengthening its defense, the coaching staff welcomes the departure of the Agen centre-back, but economic issues complicate his return to the european football. A source affirms that the reason why Al Nassr has rejected all the transfer offers he has received in recent days for the defender can be explained from the economic section.

Al Nassr demands transfer or termination to release Aymeric Laporte

Furthermore, the Arab club will only consider a transfer or termination of the contract, since a loan would generate financial costs. Al Nassr would be open to a loan as long as the interested club assumes one hundred percent of the salary that Aymeric Laporte receives in Arabia.

Even, according to Saudi media a few days ago, The center back receives around fifteen million dollars plus bonuses, an unaffordable amount for Athletic Club. The other route that Al Nassr stipulates and that still allows Athletic to dream depends exclusively on Aymeric Laporte.

Aymeric Laporte must renounce part of his contract to return to Athletic

Now, the Arab club would be willing to let the footballer go to Europe if he is willing to give up a good part of his contract. Given the defender's emoluments, this second scenario is the only one that seems feasible for the vast majority of European clubs seeking to sign him, including Athletic.

Aymeric Laporte, focused on the European Championship in Germany with the Spanish team, does not hide his desire to defend the lions' shirt again. With a contract until June 2026, signing him for Athletic would require a significant financial effort. Al Nassr passes the ball into the footballer's court.

The signing of Aymeric Laporte for Athletic requires an effort

For Aymeric Laporte's return to be a reality, the player will have to make a significant sacrifice in terms of salary. This scenario, although complicated, is not impossible. Laporte, with his desire to return to Europe and specifically to Athletic, could be the decisive factor in the negotiations. The financial pressure facing Al Nassr could also work in Athletic's favor, if the Arab club seeks to free up salary space for new signings.

The impact of Laporte's possible arrival at Athletic would not only be sporting, but also emotional. Bilbao and Bizkaia fans see Laporte as a prodigal son, someone who could strengthen the defense and contribute his international experience to the team.. His return could revitalize the club's spirit and motivate other players to follow his example.

Athletic Club keeps the hope alive of achieving the return of Aymeric Laporte

Aymeric Laporte, a return that could change the course of Athletic Club

In short, the possible return of Aymeric Laporte to Athletic Club is full of uncertainties, but also hope. The ball is now in the player's court. His desire to wear the red and white shirt again and Al Nassr's willingness to negotiate are key factors in this complex network of interests.

Athletic and its followers are waiting. They know that, although difficult, Laporte's return could be a coup in their sporting aspirations. Now, we just have to wait and see how the negotiations develop in the coming weeks. The financial effort and determination of the player will be crucial for this dream to come true.

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