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Ander Herrera leaves Athletic Club

Herrera prepares his landing in Zaragoza

Maria Jose Gonzalez

May 22, 2024 | 5:00 p.m.

Real Zaragoza activates the return of Ander Herrera, Athletic Club midfielder. Despite the difficulty of the operation due to LaLiga's salary regulations, the player's return seems more feasible than ever. The assessment of the Economic Control Committee will be crucial to finalize this signing.

Ander Herrera's desire to return to Real Zaragoza

Ander Herrera wants to return to Real Zaragoza, and the Aragonese club wants to have him back. This mutual will has remained firm since the midfielder left Paris Saint-Germain in the summer of 2022. Herrera, trained at the Zaragoza Sports City, feels a strong bond with the club and his goal is to help his former team return to the First Division before retiring.

However, LaLiga's economic control regulations have been an insurmountable obstacle in previous transfer windows. Herrera's contracts in France and with Athletic Club made it impossible for him to return to Zaragoza, since, even if he was willing to accept the minimum salary, the calculation of his salary according to LaLiga exceeded the financial capabilities of the Aragonese club.

Economic obstacles to closing his return

In successive transfer windows, the financial restrictions imposed by LaLiga have prevented Herrera's return. The player's contracts abroad and with Athletic Club have been the main impediment. Even if Herrera accepted a minimum salary, calculating his remuneration according to LaLiga criteria exceeded Real Zaragoza's possibilities.

A more favorable context

However, the panorama has changed. The financial conditions of Real Zaragoza and the provisions of LaLiga could align to make Herrera's return possible. Although the operation remains complex, the determination of both parties plays in its favor.

LaLiga regulations are a determining factor in the planning of the Real Zaragoza squad. Any move must be approved by LaLiga's Economic Control Committee, which oversees compliance with the clubs' salary limit. In Herrera's case, the challenge is how to adjust his salary within the current restrictions.

LaLiga regulations, key to their return

The approval of the Economic Control Committee will be decisive. This body will evaluate the economic impact of the incorporation of Herrera and determine if it is viable within the financial framework of Real Zaragoza. If the committee gives its approval, Herrera's return could become a reality next season.

Herrera's return would not only mean an emotional boost for the club and its fans, but also a significant reinforcement on a sporting level. The midfielder's experience and quality, added to his deep knowledge and love for the club, make him a strategic signing for the team's objectives.

A boost for Real Zaragoza

The possible return of Ander Herrera to Real Zaragoza is taking shape. The will of both parties is clear and the operation, although complicated, seems more feasible than on previous occasions. The final decision will depend on the evaluation of the LaLiga Economic Control Committee. However, the hope of seeing Herrera again in La Romareda is more alive than ever. This return would be a significant milestone in the club's recent history and great news for its fans.

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