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Asier Hierro possible preseason with Athletic

Jesus Carames

May 19, 2024 | 2:00 p.m.

Asier Hierro, Lezama's new hope shines in Basconia

The 18-year-old Basauritarra is standing out in his first year as a senior at Basconia, where he is going through a great scoring streak, with five goals in the last six games. Many times he focuses on players who play for other teams and fit into Athletic's philosophy. His possible signings are exciting and his names begin to be heard loudly from an early age. However, there are also many that shine in Lezama itself. One of them is Asier Hierro, a forward who, at 18 years old (6/5/2005), is having a great season at Basconia, despite it being his first experience in senior football after being promoted last summer from the Juvenile A.

From the red and white quarry to the first team: the meteoric rise of Asier Hierro

The Basauritarra is one of those players who has carried out practically all of his training in the red and white youth academy, which he joined when he was only ten years old. He has never been one of those footballers who are on everyone's lips, perhaps overshadowed in a certain way by others who played in his position such as Aimar Vicandi, Aimar Peña or Txus Vizcay. However, over the years he has made a name for himself, scoring thirteen goals in each of the two seasons he played as a youth player, the first in the National Division and the second in the National Honor Division.

His good performance last year earned him promotion to Basconia and it is now, in his first year in senior football, that he has exploded and is revealing himself as one of Lezama's great hopes among the center forwards. Asier Hierro is a big striker, almost 1,90 tall. However, despite being tall, he is technical and fast. He is a very mobile forward who goes down to receive, plays very well from the front and attacks the spaces, dropping a lot to the wing. In addition, his height also allows him to have a great aerial game. He handles both legs well and has a goal, which makes him a very complete attacker.

Asier Hierro has not taken its toll on that great leap that many players accuse from the youth to the Third Federation. Quite the opposite. He is being one of the most outstanding footballers in the team led by Bittor Llopis. At 18 years old, he is Basconia's top scorer with six goals in fifteen games played, twelve as a starter and three from the bench. Likewise, he is currently on a great scoring streak, having scored five of those goals in the last six games. To make matters worse, in between, he played a quarter of an hour against Liverpool U23 in the Premier League International Cup and scored another goal. That is, he has scored six goals in his last seven appearances.

Confidence on the part of Athletic in the future of Asier Hierro

In Lezama they have high regard for him and there are great hopes placed in him. In fact, everything indicates that next season he will take another leap and he will be one of Bilbao Athletic's forwards. There are high-level national teams that are following him, but the player is clear about his desire to continue at Athletic, which is why he has not even had contact with any other club. Asier Hierro has a contract until 2026 and, if he continues to have the same progression, of course he is one of the names to take into account for the future of the rojiblanco team.

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