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Athletic 2025 ready to attack the League championship

Jesus Carames

April 16, 2024 | 12:00 p.m.

El Athletic Club is drawing up an ambitious strategy with a view to becoming a serious contender for LaLiga in the next two years. Under the direction of Jon Uriarte and the technical management of Ernesto Valverde, the club plans a profound restructuring of its first team, increasing the internal competition with the policy of having two high-level players for each position. This approach seeks to ensure that the team can maintain consistent performance throughout all competitions without suffering ups and downs.

Staff development and physical planning

Athletic is preparing to host between 24 and 26 players in its first team, which reflects a balance between competition and cohesion. This effort is complemented by an innovative physiological plan led by Dr. San Millán, which promises to optimize the physical and technical performance of the players. This new physical regime is an integral part of the project and seeks to move away from previous practices, leaving behind the "old glories" that no longer fit into the club's scheme.

Integration of the quarry and role of Bilbao Athletic

Additionally, Bilbao Athletic, directed by Carlos Gurpegi, plays a crucial role as a link between the Lezama youth academy and the first team. The strategy includes a renewed focus on developing young talent, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition that constantly feeds the main team with players ready to compete at the highest level.

Athletic's sporting and competitive objectives

After winning the Cup championship, Athletic Club not only seeks to consolidate achievements but also aspire to greater laurels in LaLiga, challenging the traditional hegemony of the giants of Spanish football. Valverde's direction is key in this aspect, since his experience and methodology are seen as essential to raising the team's competitiveness.

Long-term vision and development

This plan not only reflects an immediate ambition but also a long-term vision to integrate sustainability and excellence into Athletic Club's sports management. With these steps, the club not only aims to improve its position in Spanish football but also establish a sports development model that can be sustainable and successful over time.

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