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Athletic tightens the conditions for Castore

Maria Jose Gonzalez

April 17, 2024 | 8:27 p.m.

Castore and Athletic Club make a commercial leap

The return of Athletic Club to European competitions not only reaffirms its sporting status, but also expands its commercial horizons, especially with its technical sponsor, the British firm Castore. This link promises to strengthen both entities in the international arena.

Increased investment by Castore

With Athletic qualified for the Europa League, and potentially the Champions League, Castore sees a golden opportunity to maximize his relationship with the club. The firm, which recently increased its capital by 167 million euros, plans to use these funds to expand its global presence through new sponsorships, product development and improvements in logistics and technology.

Innovation and design in kits

Athletic's jump to European stages makes the club the only representative of LaLiga wearing Castore in these competitions, a situation that Castore wants to take advantage of to strengthen its ties with the Bilbao club. Athletic's decision on the number and design of the new kits for the 2024-2025 season is crucial, since it is considered to include up to four different ones, with one dedicated especially for European commitments.

The collaboration between Castore and Athletic is not only reflected in the economic increase and expansion of the brand, but also in the improvement of the product offering. Apparel availability, a constant concern among fans, is set to improve significantly after the summer.

Economic and commercial impact

Athletic's return to European competition not only implies an increase in direct income from participation and performance in these competitions, but also an increase in contributions from sponsors such as Castore. This synergy between sporting success and commercial expansion underlines the importance of effective management both on and off the field.

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