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Athletic Club begins an innovative plan in Iparralde to strengthen its quarry

Athletic Club Bilbao begins an innovative plan in Iparralde to strengthen its youth team

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 14, 2024 | 10:04 a.m.

The red and white club strengthens its presence in the French Basque Country with a renewed and strategic approach

Athletic Club Bilbao has started a new and innovative plan to strengthen your quarry in Iparralde. With Sylvain De Weerdt at the head of the technical team, the objective is promote technicalization and the Athletic brand in the French Basque Country, in an effort to consolidate young talent and ensure the future of the club.

The new plan of Athletic Club in Iparralde focuses on the modernization and expansion of its brand in the French Basque Country, a region rich in football talent. This project, led by Sylvain De Weerdt, technical director, seeks to identify and develop promising young football players. In collaboration with local teams such as JA Biarritz and Croises Bayonne, Athletic seeks to strengthen its presence in the area following Aviron Bayonnais' decision to cease being an agreed club.

The importance of this strategy lies in the need to nourish the team with players trained under the philosophy and values ​​of Athletic Club., something that has always distinguished the rojiblanco club. The work in Iparralde is not new, but this renewed and more specialized approach promises better results and greater integration of local talent into the ranks of the Bilbao team.

Athletic Club Bilbao begins an innovative plan in Iparralde to strengthen its youth team

With With the impetus of De Weerdt and his team, advanced and personalized training methodologies will be implemented for young talents. This technology not only seeks to improve the individual skills of the players, but also to instill in them the values ​​of teamwork and commitment that are fundamental for Athletic Club. Additionally, we will work closely with families and local communities to create a comprehensive supportive environment for young footballers.

The collaboration with JA Biarritz and Croises Bayonne marks a new stage in Athletic's relationship with the Iparralde clubs

These agreements will allow a greater presence of the club in the region and will offer young players more opportunities to develop in a professional environment. Athletic's commitment to the region is clear and is reflected in this commitment to the training and development of local talent.

El new quarry plan in Iparralde also has an important social component. By becoming deeply involved in the community, the Athletic Club not only seeks sporting talents, but also contributes to the social and cultural development of the region. This holistic approach ensures that young people are not only trained as footballers, but also as well-rounded people, prepared to face challenges on and off the field of play.

Athletic Club Bilbao's strategy in Iparralde is a clear example of its commitment to the future of football. Under the technical direction of Sylvain De Weerdt and the collaboration of local clubs, Athletic reinforces its presence in the French Basque Country and ensures a constant flow of young talent that will nourish the team for years to come. This initiative not only benefits the club, but also the entire Iparralde community, consolidating Athletic as a benchmark in the training of footballers and the promotion of sporting and social values.

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