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Athletic Club: xG the statistic that puts Valverde's men in Europe

Miguel Castillo

June 8, 2023 | 12:30 pm

Only the lack of success have truncated the entry into Europe

The 2022-2023 La Liga season has been a roller coaster of emotions, and at the center of this tumultuous trajectory is Athletic Club. According to the latest statistics on the Expected Goal Difference (xG), the Bilbao club remains firm in its position, and it could be said that according to it it should have been in Europe.

Athletic Club remains firm

Despite the storms that have swept the season, Athletic Club has managed to remain solid, reaching fifth position on the La Liga xG difference leaders list, with an impressive 16.4. Only four teams are ahead: Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid and Real Sociedad, all of them well positioned in LaLiga.

Athletic Club's performance in the xG

Expected Goals (xG) is a metric that predicts the number of goals a team should have scored based on the quality of goal chances created. This metric is gaining more and more traction as an accurate way to judge a team's performance. In the case of Athletic Club, its xG indicates a strong offensive performance and a successful strategy.

facing the giants

Between Barcelona with 41.3 and Atlético Madrid with 20.7, it is evident that Athletic Club is taking on the giants of La Liga. The team is not only putting in an excellent performance, but is also challenging the teams that have traditionally dominated Spanish football.

Entry into Europe, one step away

This position in the xG classification, added to the track record and capacity of Athletic Club, suggests that the possibility of playing in Europe next season is becoming more real. While there are no guarantees in football, the statistics and strength shown by the club so far give supporters reason for optimism.

Athletic Club with room for improvement

This season has shown that Athletic Club is a team with a great capacity to surprise and defy expectations. His solid position in the xG table is further proof of the solidity of this club, their determination and their ability to take on the LaLiga giants.

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