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Jesus Carames

April 15, 2024 | 8:29 p.m.

Athletic Club's assessment of the statement from the Technical Committee of Referees

Athletic Club wishes to express its surprise and disagreement regarding the recent statement issued by the Technical Committee of Referees (CTA), in relation to the post-match statements of our players and the coaching staff after the match against Villarreal CF in San Mamés.

Context of the controversy

The controversy arises as a result of a penalty awarded against Yuri Berchiche for an alleged handball, which has been a source of considerable discontent for both players and fans. Dani Parejo, Villarreal player, mentioned in his statements that in a recent referee talk it was explained to them that "a rebound from the body to the hand that occupies an unnatural space should be considered a penalty." This explanation has added confusion and intensified frustration within our club.

Points of disagreement

Athletic Club, always maintaining the utmost respect for the refereeing establishment, does not agree with the interpretation that the CTA has made public through its note. According to this, it is argued that our player "made himself big" with his arm, trying to interrupt the ball in an illegal manner. We, contrasting this situation with previous examples shown by the CTA itself, such as the case of the Atlético-Cádiz match, consider that there is no clear consistency in the application of said regulations.

Reaffirmation of respect for arbitration

Despite the discrepancies on this occasion, Athletic Club wants to reiterate its commitment to respecting the referees and their decisions. We understand and appreciate the complexity of your work, recognizing the difficulty involved in applying the rules in fast-paced, high-pressure game situations.

Continued commitment

In addition, the club will continue to promote among its players, both in the first team and in the youth categories, the importance of good behavior and respect for referees. We firmly believe that this is the best way to contribute to the positive development of football, facilitating a fair and respectful sporting environment.


Athletic Club hopes that this incident serves to reflect and, potentially, to review and clarify the refereeing guidelines in a way that strengthens equity and justice in the competition. We will continue working to ensure that football, in its purest and fairest expression, prevails in every match we play.

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