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Athletic will participate in the Euskal Herriko Txapela on August 3

Athletic will face each other in the Euskal Herriko Txapela on August 3

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 19, 2024 | 8:05 a.m.

Athletic and Osasuna will play the final at a venue to be defined in Bizkaia

On August 3, the eighth edition of the Euskal Herriko Txapela will be held, facing Athletic Club and Osasuna. This competition, organized by Euskal Herria Kirola, rewards the team that has added the most points in the Basque derbies last season in the First Division. On this occasion, Real Sociedad and Alavés were left behind, leaving the rojiblancos and rojillos as the finalists.

Athletic seeks its third title in the Euskal Herriko Txapela

Athletic Club, led by Ernesto Valverde, has the opportunity to win its third title in this competition. Previously, they beat Real Sociedad in 2018 and 2022. EThe August 3 meeting will be an important test in their preseason calendar, which includes clashes with LaLiga Hypermotion teams and European rivals such as Aston Villa and Stuttgart.

Athletic will face each other in the Euskal Herriko Txapela on August 3

The venue for the match has not yet been confirmed, although options in Bizkaia are being considered, including Lasesarre and San Mamés. The choice of San Mamés could be the most attractive, since it would allow a greater number of fans to gather and would give greater prominence to this Basque event. The final decision is expected in the coming days.

Osasuna defends the title won in 2023

For its part, Osasuna arrives as defender of the title after its victory in 2023 against Real Sociedad at the Stadium Gal in Irun. Although they have ruled out playing the game in The Sadar due to internal commitments, are prepared to face Athletic in Biscay territory.

This match is not only a significant sporting event, but also a celebration of Basque identity and rivalry, uniting fans of both teams in a local football festival. The Euskal Herriko Txapela continues to gain importance and popularity, consolidating itself as a tradition in the region's football calendar.

Athletic's preparation for this season includes another five games, starting on July 20 at El Plantío against Burgos and culminating with clashes against Aston Villa and Stuttgart in early August. These meetings will serve to fine-tune the team's preparation for the new LaLiga season.

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