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Why does Athletic hide the clauses of the footballers?

Why does Athletic hide the clauses of the footballers?

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 10, 2024 | 1:30 pm

Athletic Bilbao's renewal strategy and the disappearance of termination clauses in its players' contracts

The Athletic Club of Bilbao has adopted a different strategy regarding the renewal and signing of its players. Traditionally, when a player renewed or joined the team, two fundamental pieces of information were made public: the duration of the contract and the termination clause. However, in recent years, this last detail has gradually disappeared until almost completely extinct.

Currently, only three of the 25 first team players have a termination clause known to the fans: Iñaki Williams (135 million), Yeray Álvarez (70 million) and Álex Berenguer (60 million). It is important to note that Berenguer's clause was not quantified in the official announcement of his transfer, but was communicated days later during an institutional appearance.

Elimination of clauses in the contracts of key players and the case of Djaló

Among the players who have recently renewed their contracts with Athletic They include Vivian, Agirrezabala, Simón, De Marcos, Berchiche, Guruzeta, Adu Ares and Nico Williams. In none of these cases has the amount of the termination clause been specified, with the exceptions of captain De Marcos and international goalkeeper Simón, who do not have termination clauses in their contracts.

Why does Athletic hide the clauses of the footballers?

This change in strategy began with Iker Muniain and was followed by players such as Mikel Balenziaga, Raúl García, Ibai Gómez and Unai Núñez. Currently, three other players have decided to completely eliminate the termination clause from their contracts: Unai Simón, Óscar De Marcos and Oihan Sancet.

The impact of this strategy on Athletic's contractual structure

The decision not to make public termination clauses seem to be a club strategy to better protect its players and avoid speculation in the market. Furthermore, this practice could discourage other clubs from trying to sign Athletic players by offering to pay their termination clause.

This strategy has its risks and benefits. On the one hand, it gives the club greater control over its players and their contracts, but on the other hand, it can generate uncertainty among the fans and in the transfer market. Athletic seems confident that its youth identity and philosophy are enough to keep its players committed to the club in the long term..

En the disappearance of termination clauses in the contracts of Athletic Bilbao players It is a strategy that seeks to protect the club and its players from market speculation. Despite the possible uncertainties, the club trusts in its philosophy and the loyalty of its players to maintain stability and commitment within the team.

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