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Athletic is already at home with the Cup

Bilbao in celebration Athletic Club brings the Copa del Rey home (2)

Jeickson Sulbaran

April 8, 2024 | 11:00 a.m.

After forty years, Athletic Club celebrates the arrival of the Copa del Rey with Bilbao

On a rainy but vibrant afternoon, the Athletic Club has made his triumphant return to the Basque Country, carrying nothing less than the prestigious 2024 Copa del Rey trophy. This achievement not only represents the culmination of a dream for the current red and white generation, but also symbolizes the resilience and tireless spirit of a club that has seen how, after decades of efforts and closeness to victory, finally write its name again among the greats of Spanish football.

Imagine the scene at the airport, with the players getting off the plane under a curtain of rain, indifferent to the downpour, with the cup in the hands of captains Muniain and De Marcos. The image is powerful, evocative of the passion that football awakens in the hearts of Basques.. It is a moment of pride shared, not only by the players and coaching staff, but also by every airport employee, every fan who has followed his team through thick and thin.

Bilbao in celebration Athletic Club brings the Copa del Rey home

The euphoria of victory, which began last night with celebrations that stretched into the early hours of the morning, reflects the combative spirit and pure joy of football. The scenes of the bus that took the players to the airport are a living testimony of this spirit: Overflowing energy, chants dedicated to Julen Agirrezabala, the goalkeeper hero of the night, whose performance not only saved the team from a certain goal but was also crucial in the penalty shootout.

The Gabarra will navigate the Nervión again

Now, Bilbao is preparing for a week of festivities, culminating with the historic navigation of the Gabarra down the Nervión River. This event, which has been awaited for forty years, is not only a celebration of the current triumph, but a tribute to history, tradition and, above all, the unbreakable bond between the club and its city. It is a reminder that football, in its purest essence, goes beyond the game; It is community, it is identity, it is belonging.

Athletic's next battle in The League promises to be as exciting as their recent victory. With the Europa League already in his pocket and the possibility of securing a place in the Champions League, the team faces its next challenge against Villarreal in San Mamés. This match will not only be an opportunity for the team to receive the love of its fans, but also for the fans to celebrate their heroes, at home, with the cup that symbolizes their glory.

The story of this Athletic Club victory is, without a doubt, one for the history books. It is a narrative of determination, passion and triumph that resonates not only in Bilbao but in the entire world of football. As fans, as part of this great red and white family, we unite in one voice to celebrate not just a cup, but the very essence of what makes us love this sport.

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