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Bilbao Athletic: beat Real and guaranteed promotion

Bilbao Athletic beat Real and promotion

Jeickson Sulbaran

April 19, 2024 | 10:33 a.m.

Bilbao Athletic is just one point away from glory: promotion to the First Federation

This Saturday, a draw in Zubieta against Real Sociedad C would be enough to crown a spectacular season. The event, scheduled for 19:00 p.m., is not only crucial for the Athletic Bilbao reserve team, but also for all of Biscayan football. that could see one of its most emblematic representatives return to a setting more in line with its rich football history.

Since the beginning of the season, the red and white team He has shown a level of play that deserves recognition. His uninterrupted lead since matchday five is a testament to the consistency and solidity that Carlos Gurpegi has instilled in his team. Bilbao Athletic has not only competed; has dominated, leaving direct rivals behind and placing itself at a considerable distance from its closest pursuer, Barakaldo.

The context of this day is quite favorable for the rojiblancos

Despite being just one point away from securing the title, the team does not depend exclusively on its own result. Barakaldo, second in the table, will face Alavés B in Lasesarre on Sunday. A defeat or a draw for Barakaldo would render Real Sociedad C's result against Bilbao Athletic null and void, mathematically ensuring promotion for Lezama's team, even before they take the field in Zubieta.

Bilbao Athletic: beat Real and guaranteed promotion

The path to this point has been marked by key moments that have demonstrated the team's ability to overcome adversity. QFor example, the remembered match in Lasesarre against Barakaldo itself four days ago, when the rojiblancos achieved a decisive victory that not only reaffirmed their leadership, but also psychologically weakened their closest rival.

throughout the season, Bilbao Athletic has shown a balanced game with a solid defense and an effective attack, characterized by speed and precision in execution. This tactical approach has been essential to staying on top in a league as competitive as the Second Federation.

Tomorrow's game is not just a formality. It represents the culmination of a year of efforts, strategy and, above all, a lot of football. For the young players in the reserve team, it is a golden opportunity to show that they are ready to compete at a higher level and, perhaps in the not too distant future, claim a place in the Athletic Club first team.

The expectation of promotion not only falls on the shoulders of the players and the coaching staff, but also on the fans and the sports community of Bizkaia. The support of the fans will be crucial in Zubieta, where a large number of red and white fans are expected to travel to experience what they hope will be a historic moment.

En The match against Real Sociedad C is not just another match on the calendar; It is the possible finishing touch to a season of excellence. With the right strategy and maintaining composure, Bilbao Athletic is on the verge of writing a new chapter in its rich sporting history.

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