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Bilbao Basket subjects Manresa to a serious corrective (74-54)

Bilbao Basket seeks consistency after key victory

Jesus Carames

January 7, 2024 | 5:47 p.m.

Surne Bilbao Basket imposes its law against an overwhelmed Manresa

Surne Bilbao Basket demonstrated its superiority in a decisive match against Baxi Manresa, with an overwhelming result of 74-54. This victory, achieved on Sunday morning, represents a milestone for the team, which closes the first round of the Endesa League with authority and maintains a significant advantage over the relegation zone. The match was a display of skill and strategy, with impeccable defensive work and an effective attack led by the talented Thijs De Ridder.

An impeccable tactical deployment and a devastating attack

The team led by Jaume Ponsarnau showed notable solidity, both in defense and attack. From the beginning, Surne Bilbao Basket took control of the game, maintaining a double-digit lead during the second half. This dominance was possible thanks to the magnificent performance in the rearguard and the offensive recovery led by Adam Smith, who contributed 18 crucial points for the team.

De Ridder, hero of Bilbao Basket in their victory in the FIBA ​​Europe Cup

The stellar performance of Thijs De Ridder was decisive in Bilbao's victory. The young Belgian power forward demonstrated his worth in both defense and attack, scoring 17 points, including three triples, and capturing 13 rebounds. His energy and audacity on the court were key to counteracting the usual aggressive play of a Manresa that was outmatched at all times.

The differential factor in this match was the combination of a sustained attack and an unbreakable defense. Despite being reduced to nine points in the last quarter, the Ponsarnau team was able to maintain its effectiveness, standing out with a good percentage from long distance and exceptional work on rebounding.

Bilbao Basket scores clearly

The key to Bilbao Basket's victory lay in its ability to adapt and respond to the challenges presented by Manresa. With a mix of young talent and experience, the team struck a perfect balance between aggression and control, proving to be a formidable contender in the league.

This match was not only a victory in terms of points, but also a tactical and strategic triumph for Bilbao Basket. The team's ability to execute a solid game plan and adapt to the circumstances of the match was evident throughout the entire match.

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