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De Marcos renews with his team until 2025 and appreciates the respect received during the decision

De Marcos renews with his team until 2025 and appreciates the respect received during the decision

Jeickson Sulbaran

May 20, 2024 | 1:11 p.m.

Óscar de Marcos announces his renewal with Athletic Club until June 2025 in an emotional night in San Mamés

The night of May 15, 2024 will be etched in the memory of Athletic Club fans. Not only because of the resounding victory against Sevilla, but also for the emotional farewell of Raúl García and Muniain. In the midst of the celebrations, Right back Óscar de Marcos surprised everyone with the announcement of its renewal until June 2025. This gesture reaffirms its commitment to the team and to the Bilbao fans, who have seen it grow and consolidate itself as one of the pillars of the club.

De Marcos renews with his team until 2025 and appreciates the respect received during the decision

De Marcos, known for his dedication and passion on the field, confessed that the decision to continue for another year was not easy. However, The unconditional support of the club, the fans and his family played a crucial role. «I made the decision this week. I have felt very respected while I was thinking about it and supported whatever my decision was. I haven't felt pressure. That Valverde continued is important," declared De Marcos, showing his gratitude and satisfaction for the environment that surrounds him.

The night in San Mamés was an accumulation of emotions. Muniain, andIn an act full of symbolism, he gave his captain's armband to De Marcos. This gesture not only meant a change of leadership, but also recognition of the full-back's career and commitment to the team. Wearing De Marcos' shirt with the number 20025, the player took a lap of honor around the field, thus sealing his continuity in the Athletic squad. «When Muniain did not continue, I began to doubt again and in the end, talking with family and friends and because of how I found myself, that I could help the team athletically, that pushed me to continue. I want to help the team and if I didn't advance they could blame me," De Marcos confessed, showing his determination and commitment.

At 37 years old, De Marcos is still a fireproof player and a key piece in Athletic's scheme. His experience and seniority will be essential to face the challenges that lie ahead, especially in European competition. «It is a pride that Iker's bracelet comes, and the previous ones for being the examples that they have been. When we both arrived fifteen years ago Etxebe had it, then Orbaiz, Gurpegui, Iraizoz, Susaeta... I left some, all of them. I will try to wear it with that pride," said De Marcos, underlining the honor and responsibility that wearing the captain's armband entails.

The renewal of De Marcos: A morale boost for Athletic Club and its fans, looking towards a future full of challenges and opportunities in Europe

De Marcos' renewal is not only good news for the team, but also an incentive for the fans. At a time where football has become so competitive, having players who embody the values ​​and philosophy of the club is essential. De Marcos has demonstrated, time and time again, his love for Athletic and his willingness to give everything on the field.

The full-back's commitment to the club goes beyond the playing field. His attitude on and off the field makes him a reference for young players and an example to follow. The decision to continue for another year not only strengthens the team, but also sends a clear message: Athletic is more than a club, it is a family where respect and mutual support are fundamental pillars.

In the renewal of Óscar de Marcos until June 2025 It is an event that fills the Athletic Club family with joy and hope.. On a night full of emotions and farewells, the right-back's announcement stands out as a beacon of continuity and commitment. De Marcos, with his dedication and passion, will continue to be a fundamental pillar for the team, proudly wearing the captain's armband and facing the challenges that are to come.

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