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Getxo Rugby F seeks promotion to the Iberdrola League after a perfect season

Mairenis Gomez

May 18, 2024 | 12:27 p.m.

After an impeccable season in which Getxo Rugby has not lost a single game in the regular phase, it is time to put the icing on the cake. The aurinegro team will play tomorrow at 12:30 p.m. in the final for promotion to the Iberdrola League, the highest category of state women's rugby. The match will be played in Fadura, in front of its audience, and the rival will be Complutense Cisneros, a team that easily beat Les Abelles La Cuina (37-5) in the semifinal and will seek to return to the Iberdrola League only one year after its descent.

On their way to the final, the Biscayans defeated the Pingüinas Rugby Burgos (29-10) in a complicated match, where they had to play with one less player. «Burgos is a team that has always complicated our dynamic game. We thought that after getting a try so early it would be over, but then came the red card and we had to play with one less 50 minutes. And on top of that they tie us. But we recovered, we had the necessary courage to trust ourselves and take the game forward," says Itsaso Reina, captain of Getxo Rugby.

Preparation and background

The Aurinegras will face Cisneros, a team they have already beaten twice this season. In the first phase they won away 7-17, and in the second, at home, they won 25-13. However, Reina warns that this background does not guarantee anything in a final. «We beat them even in their field, where it is not easy to win; but in a final for promotion the background is of no use. Every game is a world and by winning twice you are not going to win three.

Reina also expressed his discontent with the Spanish Rugby Federation for leaving only one week between the semi-final and the final for promotion. "The game against Burgos was quite tough and we ended up with several injuries, so we will have to face the duel against Cisneros with those we are with." Despite this, the captain assures that the team is "full strength" and that her teammates are "confident and prepared."

Two opportunities to advance

Although Fadura prefers not to talk about it, Getxo Rugby has two opportunities to promote to the Iberdrola League. If they lose tomorrow's match against Cisneros, they could still rise to the elite by beating Eibar, a top-flight team that is fighting to avoid relegation, in a match that will be played on the 25th on neutral ground. «We are not planning to play the game against Eibar. We want the Cisneros one to be the last one of the season. We are looking forward to it. We are confident, but not overly confident, we do not belittle our rival and we respect them; but we have improved in defense, we have matured a lot and we are going for everything," says Reina.

Lessons from the past and renewed confidence

The Getxo squad still remembers the disappointment of last season, when after a brilliant regular league, they lost in the Honor B final against Barcelona in Fadura (3-5) and then also lost to Olympic Pozuelo in the match of promotion (31-12). «In the third half against Burgos we discussed what happened last year, that match against Barça, because we knew that we were not going to win against Pozuelo. We narrowly missed against Barça and we don't want that to happen again," says Reina.

However, Reina reassures the fans: «Last year no player had experienced a promotion phase and this time, yes. What happened then has helped us a lot to learn. This learning and the experience acquired are the bases on which Getxo Rugby wants to build its success in tomorrow's final and ensure its promotion to the Iberdrola League.

With a confident and prepared team, Getxo Rugby is ready to face Complutense Cisneros in a decisive match that promises to be exciting. The Aurinegra fans are looking forward to seeing their team succeed and reach the elite of Spanish women's rugby.

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