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Getxo Rugby Touch Taldea promoted to First Division

Jesus Carames

March 31, 2023 | 7:26 a.m.

Getxo Rugby Touch Taldea has achieved promotion to the First Division by qualifying in the promotion phase held in Madrid last weekend. The first two classified achieved promotion, and the Getxo team secured their second position by beating the Mallorcan team Rebel in the access final with a result of 8-3.

In the grand final, Getxo Rugby faced the other winner of the access finals, the local Madrid team Titanes. The Getxo team won with a marker of 10–6. In this way, Getxo Rugby and Titanes are the two teams that are promoted to the First Division, while Rebel and the Madrid team Pakaru Touch will have to wait for another season in the Second Division.

The First Division is made up of eight teams, of which two will be relegated. This season, the teams that competed in the First Division were Poblenou Barcelona, ​​Montseny, Arroyo Alligators, San Roque, Sitges, Barcelona TRB, Vallekas and La Laguna.

The Getxo team was represented in Madrid by 14 male and female players: Sonia Corman, Ana Masa, Andrew Croft, Mikel Rico, Gorka Fernández, José Luis Nájera, Alba Estanyol, Aitor Etxeberria, Ane Sainz, Muir Kara, Gio Lominadze, Miren Hernández, Sofía Le Maitre and Arantza Olabarria.

It is also worth mentioning those who could not be present in Madrid, but who have trained and participated in other tournaments with the Getxo team: Rene Schulz, Ibon Aranguren, Asís Malda, Amaia Mentxaka, Iker Etxegarai, Jordi Campas, Ibon Antxustegi, Josu Atxa, Jaione Antia, Dani Rodríguez, Unai Elorriaga, Ignacio Uribe, Mario Martín and Imanol Pico.

The rise of Getxo Rugby Touch Taldea to the First Division It is an important achievement for the team, which will compete next season with the best rugby touch teams in Spain. This success is the result of teamwork and the dedication of all the players, as well as the support of the Getxo fans and community.

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