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Iñaki Williams celebrates the performance of his brother Nico: 'You have brought our surname to the world of football'

Iñaki Williams celebrates the performance of his brother Nico 'You have brought our surname to the world of football'

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 22, 2024 | 4:00 pm

Nico Williams' exhibition against Italy marked a before and after in his career

Nico Williams, the young winger from Athletic Club, dazzled the football world with a stellar performance in the Spanish National Team's victory against Italy. From the first minute, Nico demonstrated his skill and determination, becoming a key piece for the national team.

From the first play of the match, Nico sought to destabilize the Italian defense with his speed and dribbling. He moved throughout the field, appearing both on the left wing and in the center and inside the area. His dynamism and creativity allowed him to generate several scoring chances, although luck was not always on his side.

Iñaki Williams celebrates the performance of his brother Nico 'You have brought our surname to the world of football'

In the first half, he missed a header after a perfect cross from Álvaro Morata. However, in the second half, he had a brilliant chance when, from the top of the area, he launched a shot that crashed into the top corner, making clear his offensive potential.

Nico's impact on the bottom line

The Spanish National Team won 1-0 against Italy, and Nico Williams played a crucial role in the only goal of the game. After overtaking Di Lorenzo for the umpteenth time, he sent a cross into the area that Calafiori ended up putting into his own goal. This play not only showed Nico's skill, but also his ability to directly influence the score.

At the end of the match, Nico was recognized as the MVP and He received congratulations from his teammates and coaching staff. "As soon as I entered the locker room, my teammates applauded me, I'm very happy," he said in the mixed zone. Nico's performance did not go unnoticed by his brother Iñaki, who dedicated an emotional message to him on social networks.

Iñaki Williams' message and family pride

The journalists did not take long to ask Nico about Iñaki's message, who wrote "puro cine jr, starboy" on X (formerly Twitter). Nico revealed the words of his older brother, who sent him an audio after the game. «As soon as you pick up your cell phone, I saw I had a message from you. He told me that I have carried the Williams name into the world of football. “I am very happy and he deserves it more than anyone,” Nico confessed.

The evolution of the playing style of the Spanish National Team

The match also showed a change in the playing style of the Spanish National Team, something that Nico highlighted in his statements. He stressed the importance of "verticality" in the game of 'La Roja'. «The National Team has changed a little. It's not all about playing a long possession. We have players like me, Lamine Yamal, Ferran Torres or Ayoze Pérez, who are wingers who like to face and dribble," he explained. This new approach has added an extra dimension to the team's play, making it more unpredictable and exciting.

Nico Williams has shown that he has the talent and mentality to become a world football star. His performance against Italy has not only brought the Williams name to the global stage, but has also made it clear that the future of Spanish football is in good hands.

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