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Javier Zabala bets on Aspe that promises in the Manomanista

Jesus Carames

May 14, 2024 | 1:00 p.m.

Aspe is betting heavily on the promising Riojan striker Javier Zabala, renewing him for the second time in a year and giving him a chance at the prestigious Manomanista after proving his worth in recent months.

Javier Zabala's meteoric growth in recent months has been impressive. The young striker from Rioja has shown a level of play that has positioned him among the best. His performance in substitutes for Couples and in top-level matches has not gone unnoticed, and the Aspe company has decided to bet firmly on him, renewing his contract for the second time in a year and giving him a place in Manomanista.

The dazzling rise of Zabala and his performance in the Manomanista

Zabala's first game at Manomanista was a sample of his potential. Despite not shining particularly well, he achieved an important victory against Urrutikoetxea. This victory was a clear indication that Zabala was ready to compete at the highest level.

In the league, Zabala had an outstanding performance, although not without challenges. He fell by a tight 22-20 to Elordi in Vitoria, demonstrating his ability to fight until the end. Subsequently, he defeated Ezkurdia with ease, consolidating his position in the tournament. However, his third game was more complicated, clearly losing to an Artola in a state of grace, which prevented him from displaying his best game.

Despite this setback, Zabala has a great opportunity to prove his worth in Manomanista. His performance so far has ensured that he will be seeded next year, a significant achievement for any rising pelota player.

A pelotazale challenge: Confrontation against Laso in the semifinal

Next Saturday, Zabala will face Laso for a place in the Manomanista final at the Labrit fronton. Laso starts as the clear favorite in this matchup, which leaves Zabala in a position without too much pressure. He has exceeded expectations and has already achieved his main goal in the tournament.

Entering the court without pressure and with the intention of enjoying the game could be the key for Zabala to display his best version. He has the power and ability to put anyone in trouble, and although on paper few are betting on his victory, the game must be played. The history of sports is full of surprises and Zabala could be the protagonist of the next one.

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