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Jokin Altuna wins his ninth txapela and third for Manomanista with a resounding victory

Jesus Carames

June 2, 2024 | 8:31 pm

Jokin Altuna has won the ninth txapela of his career, the third for Manomanista, after beating Unai Laso by a landslide 22-5.

Impeccable performance from Altuna

Altuna, the magician of Amezketa, offered a masterful demonstration of physical strength, impenetrable mentality and impeccable strategy. From the beginning of the match, he made it clear that he was determined to dominate. Although Laso began serving in a final where the serve was expected to be a crucial factor, Altuna soon took control of the game. After a 5-1 tie, Altuna unleashed a series of quick and precise serves, taking a XNUMX-XNUMX lead.

An overwhelming domain

With the match just started, Altuna did not allow Laso to find his rhythm. Altuna quickly escaped to 9-1 with impeccable technique and unstoppable force. Every so often it seemed like a walk for the man from Amezketa, who kept Laso constantly on the defensive.

The 10-1 came with a direct serve that made Altuna's dominance clear. With Altuna in full swing, Laso could barely resist on the Bizkaia court. Added to this was that Laso suffered an injury to one of his hands, which further hampered his performance against a gigantic Altuna.

Laso's resistance fades

The decisive point was 16-1, where Laso had the opportunity to change the dynamics of the game, but his shot went wide. Jon Mariezkurrena, acting as his botillero, tried to encourage Laso with the score at 19-1, but Altuna continued his relentless advance. Laso managed to score five goals in total, in his first defeat of the championship.

Altuna's historic victory

Finally, Altuna closed the game with a 22-5, consolidating its place in the history of the sport of baseball. His performance not only gave him another txapela, but also reaffirmed his status as one of the greats of the discipline.

This victory marks a milestone in the career of Altuna, who continues to add achievements and leave an indelible mark in the world of Basque pelota. His absolute dominance in this final once again demonstrates his skill and dedication to the sport.

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