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Laporta the financial conjurer

Mairenis Gomez

May 16, 2024 | 7:15 p.m.

The recent revelations about irregularities in the management of Joan Laporta's endorsement during his campaign for the presidency of FC Barcelona have unleashed a series of considerations. Below, I detail the main points of conflict and the implications they have for the club's board of directors and its fans.

Broken promises with the guarantee

During the electoral campaign, Joan Laporta assured that the endorsement necessary to assume the presidency would be signed by the members of his candidacy. However, reality has proven to be different. It has been discovered that people outside the group of directors also participated in the endorsement, which contradicts the initial promises and raises doubts about the transparency of the process.

Financing of the guarantee: A Barcelona supplier involved

In a move that has been seen as highly irregular, it has been learned that the directors did not want to personally assume the cost of the guarantee. Instead, a club supplier took over the guarantee in exchange for the organization of friendly matches for FC Barcelona in the United States. This move not only compromises management ethics, but also raises serious legal and conflict of interest issues.

The alleged loan: Ignorance and lack of transparency

When the situation came to light, the board tried to justify the transaction by claiming that it was a loan. However, many managers claim not to have been informed or to have signed any loan contract. This lack of internal communication and the apparent improvisation in financial management are indicative of a poorly organized and transparent administration.

Seizures for tax non-compliance

Added to this list of irregularities is that The Treasury and Social Security have seized amounts from the club's account because some managers have not complied with their tax obligations. This fact not only demonstrates negligence in compliance with regulations, but has also caused harm to other board members who have seen their finances affected by these embargoes.

A discouraging outlook

The accumulation of irregularities in the management of FC Barcelona under the direction of Joan Laporta has created an environment of distrust and disappointment among the club's members and fans. From the falsehood of campaign promises to the involvement of third parties in the financing of the guarantee and the tax problems, The current board has shown a worrying level of lack of ethics and professionalism.

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