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Laporte will arrive at Athletic with the bell

Laporte will arrive at Athletic with the bell

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 18, 2024 | 11:30 a.m.

Aymeric Laporte's return to Athletic Club is close, while his future at Al Nassr becomes uncertain

The return of Aymeric Laporte to Athletic Club is generating great expectations. Since his signing for Al Nassr in 2023, the French center back has not stopped making headlines. With an investment of 27,5 million euros, the Saudi club hopes to recover part of this sum while Athletic seeks to repatriate its former player.

Laporte has faced challenges in Al Nassr, publicly expressing his discontent. The adaptation to Saudi football has been complicated, reflecting his desire to return to a familiar and competitive environment like LaLiga. Despite a rejected initial offer of 14 million euros, Athletic does not give up in its attempt to recover the defender.

The complexities of Laporte's signing

The negotiation for Laporte's return has not been easy. The interest from Atlético de Madrid adds pressure, but Athletic remains determined. Sky Sport journalist Rudy Galetti reports that Al Nassr prefers a direct transfer over a loan, having previously rejected a €7 million offer from LaLiga. This scenario highlights the financial and strategic difficulties of the operation.

Laporte will arrive at Athletic with the bell

Laporte has shown his discontent in Saudi Arabia, highlighting problems with the fulfillment of agreements and the seriousness in the management of European players. This context has fueled Athletic's hopes of bringing him back to Bilbao. Mikel González, football director of the Bilbao club, confirmed that they were "very close" to signing the center back last summer.

Ernesto Valverde's request and Athletic's need

Ernesto Valverde, Athletic coach, emphasized the need to strengthen the defense after Yeray Álvarez's physical problems. With Dani Vivian and Aitor Paredes as the only center backs available, Valverde highlighted the urgency of signing a reliable center back. Laporte, who already played under the direction of Valverde, would be the ideal piece to strengthen the team's defense.

Laporte's return would not only mean a defensive improvement, but also an emotional reinforcement for the fans and the club. The player's connection with Bilbao and his desire to return could be decisive in closing the signing.

An uncertain but promising future

While Laporte continues to concentrate with the Spanish team, sHis future is debated between Saudi Arabia and Bilbao. Athletic's determination and the player's desire to return could be key to completing the operation. Laporte's arrival would be an important milestone for the club and a sign of its ambition to compete at the highest level.

On Aymeric's return Laporte to Athletic Club is a story of perseverance and mutual desire. The French center back, with his talent and experience, can be the reinforcement that the team needs to achieve new successes.

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