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Live a unique experience aboard the historic Athletic Barge

Live a unique experience aboard the historic Athletic Barge

Jeickson Sulbaran

April 26, 2024 | 9:30 a.m.

Relive the history and tradition of the Athletic Club on a unique tour of the Athletic Gabarra, a symbol of celebration and heritage in Bilbao

The Gabarra Athletic, more than a simple boat, is a living treasure of the sports and maritime culture of Bilbao. In the 80s, this boat was not only a means of transportation, but the heart of the Athletic Club celebrations, Where players and fans shared moments of joy after winning national titles. Today, restored and anchored in the Itsasmuseum dock, the Barge not only symbolizes past triumphs, but also serves as an educational and recreational bridge for new generations.

During the weekend, the Gabarra Athletic transforms into the setting for a family adventure designed to educate and entertain. The experience begins in the museum, where the history of the boat is told from its days as a freighter until it became the festive icon of a city and a club. The story is enriched with details about the relationship between the port of Bilbao and English trade and its impact on the local economy and culture, including football and the iron industry.

Explore every corner of the Gabarra and discover its maritime and football legacy.

The guided tour is a golden opportunity to get to know the structure and functionality of the Barge up close, understanding not only its role in the history of the club, but also in the economic and social life of Bilbao during the turbulent decades of the 20th century. After visiting the ship, youngsters have the opportunity to participate in a workshop where they can build miniature models of the Barge, while adults enjoy free access to the museum to explore other exhibits.

Itsasmuseum's proposal goes beyond simple entertainment; seeks to educate and connect people with their cultural heritage in a fun and meaningful way. By participating in these activities, families not only have a pleasant time, but they also contribute to the maintenance and appreciation of one of the most beloved symbols of Bilbao.

The Athletic Gabarra is not just a memory of the past; It is a living space that invites everyone, locals and visitors, to immerse themselves in the rich history of Bilbao and create new memories in an emblematic place. By boarding this ship, visitors not only relive the past glories of Athletic Club, but also imbibe the resilient and festive spirit of a city that has known how to reinvent itself and prosper over the years.

For those interested in culture, sport and maritime history, the Gabarra Athletic offers a complete experience which enriches the understanding of how a football club and its hometown can be so wonderfully intertwined. This plan is ideal for enjoying a historic day with family or friends, guaranteeing a deeper connection with the roots and traditions of the community.

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