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Mikel González stops the machines for a renewal

Plug in Mikel González's office

Jesus Carames

April 16, 2024 | 5:17 p.m.

Athletic Club de Bilbao is doing everything it can to ensure the continuity of Ernesto Valverde at the head of the team. After a remarkable year in which Valverde has led the club to win the Copa del Rey and secure a place in the Europa League, his renewal has become a priority for the board. Mikel González, a key figure in the club's administration, has been in charge of presenting the renewal proposal to the coach.

Context of the renewal

Ernesto Valverde, appreciated both for his tactical ability and his emotional connection with the team and fans, has decided not to rush his decision, opting to wait until the end of the season to address his future. However, with recent triumphs and qualification for European competitions, the board wants to ensure his renewal as soon as possible.

Details of the proposal to Valverde

Athletic's offer to Valverde includes a two-year contract extension, aligning with the end of Uriarte's presidency. This duration is to the liking of Valverde, who prefers to evaluate his position and projects at regular intervals. On a financial level, it is reported that both parties are in agreement, highlighting that Valverde's priority is to continue in an environment that satisfies him professionally and personally, beyond the contract figures.

Future projections and objectives of Athletic

With the Europa League as one of the main objectives for next season, Valverde is motivated by the challenge of leading Athletic to stand out on the European stage. Remembering his close victory in the UEFA final with RCD Espanyol in 2007, Valverde is eager to redeem himself and take advantage of the opportunity to play in a possible European final in San Mamés, an ideal scenario that could favor the Basque team.

The renewal of Ernesto Valverde is emerging not only as a strategic decision to maintain the stability and progress of Athletic Club, but also as a measure that reflects the mutual trust and respect between the coach and the board. As final talks approach, the expectation is that Valverde will continue to be a key pillar in the club's long-term plans, seeking to take Athletic to new heights in both Spain and Europe.

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