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Negreira, a guy who threatened his teammates

Jesus Carames

April 16, 2024 | 4:45 p.m.

Estrada Fernández, a prominent former referee in Spain's First and Second Division leagues, has decided to open up publicly about the pressures and threats he faced during his career, coinciding with the publication of his book “The truth of the Negreira Case”. This book details one of the most significant scandals in the history of Spanish arbitration, focused on the actions of José María Enríquez Negreira, former vice president of the Technical Committee of Referees (CTA).

Context of the Scandal

During the presentation of his book, Fernández not only narrated his personal experience, but also accused the arbitration system of being plagued by manipulation and corruption. According to him, the case exploded when he discovered that improper payments were being made to Negreira by a prominent club, which seemed to him to be a direct attack on the integrity of the sport.

Negreira's intimidations

Fernández recounted how Negreira, in his ability to influence the careers of referees through promotions and assignments, contacted him directly to intimidate him. He insisted she select her own assistants, a demand he found highly unusual and manipulative.

Medina Cantalejo's position

The role of Medina Cantalejo, current president of the CTA, was also questioned. Fernández noted that Cantalejo attempted to downplay Negreira's relevance within the committee, a claim he vehemently refutes, arguing that Negreira played a decisive and potentially corrupt role within the organization.

The solitary struggle of Estrada Fernández

One of the most emotional revelations of the presentation was the expression of loneliness that Fernández felt when facing the system. Despite threats and lack of institutional support, he remained steadfast in his commitment to exposing the truth, encouraging others to join his cause to purge Spanish arbitration of corruption.

The publication of the book and Fernández's accusations have reignited the debate about integrity in Spanish sport, calling into question the effectiveness of current structures to protect and maintain justice in football. The revelation has been particularly disturbing for active referees, who, according to Fernández, face a palpable fear of retaliation for openly discussing these issues.


El “Negreira Case” It stands out as a critical point in the history of Spanish football, symbolizing the fight against corruption within a sport that many consider more than a national passion. Estrada Fernández's determination to clear the name of the refereeing collective and restore the dignity of football resonates as a call to action for all stakeholders of Spanish football.

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