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New experience for 3 lions at Euro 2024

Mairenis Gomez

June 7, 2024 | 7:30 pm

The final list of the Spanish Soccer Team (SEFutbol) for Euro 2024 has included three players from Athletic Club

The coach Luis de la Fuente The selection process for the Euro Cup, which will be held in Germany from June 14 to July 14, has ended. Initially, he had presented a list with 29 names, from which he had to reduce it to 26. Among those excluded are Aleix García, Marcos Llorente and Pau Cubarsi. The inclusion of Dani Vivian has been one of the most talked about decisions, since there was uncertainty about her call-up due to the high competition in her position.

Key decisions in De la Fuente's call for Euro 2024 and the impact on Athletic Club

Vivian, despite being one of the candidates to be left out due to the strong competition in defense, has finally secured his place. This is partly due to his recent debut with the national team in March, under the direction of De la Fuente, and his outstanding participation in the match against Andorra last week. Despite his limited international experience, with only two games played for the national team, his solid season at Athletic has been recognized. Vivian has been a key piece in Ernesto Valverde's team, participating in 33 league matches and 7 Cup matches.

Unai Simón and Nico Williams were already regulars in the national team calls

Unai Simón and Nico Williams were already regulars in the national team's calls, and their inclusion has not surprised anyone. Simón, as the starting goalkeeper, has proven his worth on numerous occasions, while Williams has been a revelation with his speed and ability in attack. The participation of these three players in the Euro Cup is a testament to the quality and talent that Athletic Club brings to Spanish football.

Perspectives for Athletic Club in Euro 2024 and the importance of international representation

The presence of three Athletic players in the Euro Cup is not only a source of pride for the club. But it also underlines the team's ability to train and develop high-level talent. De la Fuente's decision to include Vivian may have been influenced by the possibility of Cubarsi participating in the Paris Olympics this summer. Which demonstrates the coach's long-term strategy.

The representation of Athletic Club at Euro 2024: a boost for the youth team and inspiration for future talents

For Athletic Club, having Simón, Vivian and Williams in the Euro Cup is an opportunity to show its youth team and the continuous development of its players. This representation in such an important international tournament can also serve as inspiration for the club's young talents.. Showing that with hard work and dedication, they can achieve similar levels.

Ultimately, the call-up of Unai Simón, Dani Vivian and Nico Williams for Euro 2024. It is a reflection of the excellent work carried out by Athletic Club in the training of its players. This opportunity will allow the three lions to prove their worth on the international stage and represent Bilbao and Bizkaia with pride and determination.

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