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Ortuella supports youth women's soccer with the Cuencas Mineras Tournament

Mairenis Gomez

June 19, 2024 | 3:30 pm

This event, which will be held from June 21 to 23 at the Otxartaga Berri soccer field

The second edition of the Cuencas Mineras Tournament will be held from June 21 to 23 on the soccer field Otxartaga Berri de Ortuella. This charity event, unique in its category in the State, stands out for the participation of leading clubs such as Valencia, Levante, Real Sociedad and FC Barcelona. The proceeds will go to the Aspanovas and La Cuadri del Hospi associations, which They support families of children with cancer.

A prominent event in the Bizkaia sports calendar

The Cuencas Mineras Tournament has established itself as an unmissable event for youth women's grassroots soccer. This year, hundreds of players between 10 and 12 years old, belonging to 15 state clubs, will participate. This competition not only promotes sport, but also supports a noble cause, reinforcing the social commitment of the event.

In the context of the Left Bank youth tournaments, the Zazpinan of Portugalete is a historical reference. In its latest editions, it has included a women's category in tribute to Ramón de la Presa, teacher at Astileku Ikastola. This recognition has contributed to making women's football visible and promoting women's football in the region.

Tournament participation and format

The latest edition of the Zazpinan Memorial Ramón de la Presa, held last week, included two different days, one for the women's 7-a-side soccer team and another for the men's 11-a-side soccer team. The participating women's teams were Asti-Leku, Bizkeneskak, Basauri Harrobi, Betiko Neskak, Sestao River, Basauriko Kimuak, Portugalete and Bizkerre. For their part, the men's teams that competed were Asti-Leku, Zamudio, Apurtuarte, Santurtzi, Trapagaran and Ibarreko.

In addition, the Cuencas Mineras Tournament, like the Zazpinan, is a crucial platform for the development of grassroots football in the region.. Both events highlight the importance of supporting and promoting sport from an early age, offering young athletes the opportunity to compete and grow in a high-level environment.

Impacts and benefits for the community

In addition to its sporting impact, the Cuencas Mineras Tournament has a significant effect on the local community. By attracting teams from all over Spain, it promotes tourism and economic activity in Ortuella and its surroundings. Likewise, the charitable dimension of the tournament reinforces solidarity and social commitment, essential values ​​for the community fabric.

Even the success of the Cuencas Mineras Tournament and the Zazpinan de Portugalete demonstrates the growing interest and support for women's soccer.. These events not only enrich the sports panorama of Bizkaia, but also inspire new generations of footballers to follow their dreams and achieve their goals.

Ortuella promotes women's grassroots soccer with the Cuencas Mineras Tournament

The promotion of women's grassroots football in Bizkaia

The promotion of women's grassroots football in Bizkaia is a reflection of the collective effort of clubs, organizers and the community. Initiatives such as the Cuencas Mineras Tournament and the Zazpinan Ramón de la Presa Memorial are fundamental to building an inclusive future and equitable in sport. The dedication and talent of the young players predict a bright future for women's football in the region.

Without a doubt, Ortuella and the Left Bank are making a difference, showing that football It is more than a sport: it is a tool for social change and an engine of community development.

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