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Real Madrid and FC Barcelona lead television distribution in LaLiga

Mairenis Gomez

May 20, 2024 | 8:59 p.m.

LaLiga will distribute €1.500M for television rights in the 2023-2024 season

Real Madrid and FC Barcelona lead the millionaire distribution in the League. LaLiga is expected to distribute around 1.500 million euros for television rights this season, Real Madrid will receive around 143 million and FC Barcelona around 130 million as second.. There is only one day left to the end of the League after the dispute last night of the penultimate chapter of this 2023-2024 season, and there is nothing left at stake in any of the scenarios, relegation, Europe and third place in the league.

But what still remains are several places to be decided in terms of the final classification. Something that may seem trivial, but nevertheless, finishing in one position or another determines the amount that each LaLiga team will receive.

Distribution of income from television rights in LaLiga 2023-2024

LaLiga is expected to distribute around 1.500 billion euros for television rights this season. Of that total, 8,5% (about 127 million) is given as aid to non-professional football and other sports disciplines. What remains (about 1373 million) is divided into two parts. Of the first 50%, about 750 million euros, the amount is identical for the 20 clubs in the category. That is, the 20 teams will receive a fixed income of around 37,5 million euros. This game is independent of your final position in the standings.

But the remaining part (about 623 million) is distributed on a percentage basis depending on the final position that each team obtains in the table. The champion takes 17% of that second half and the figure is reduced to 0,25% that the last classified takes. So, staying in one position or another clearly influences the money that you end up receiving from the employers.

Millionaire distribution: Girona and Atlético de Madrid in the first places

A money where Real Madrid, as champion and adding the fixed income plus the percentage of 17%, will take around 143 million euros. The second that will receive the most will be FC Barcelona for its runner-up finish in the league. In your case, the fixed rate plus 15% corresponds. This represents around 130 million euros for the Barcelona club.

Now, the third and fourth place has already been decided on this penultimate day. Girona takes the bronze medal while Atlético de Madrid will finish fourth. Finishing third implies the fixed rate plus 13% and this means around 118 million for the Catalan club in an unforgettable season.

Revenue sharing for Europa League and Conference teams

The fourth place of the red and white means that they will receive the fixed plus 11% of the variable. In global terms it will amount to about 106 million. A little less for the two clubs in next season's Europa League. The fifth around 93 million for the landline and 9% of the rest. The sixth place that will definitely go to Real Sociedad will mean around 81 million plus the fixed amount and 7% of the remaining part.

For its part, Betis, a Conference team, has 5%, which is about 68 million. Villarreal is the first team outside of Europe finally this season. This will give you between the fixed amount and the remaining 3,5% an amount of around 59 million. Valencia is also assured of ninth place, which guarantees around 56 million for the permanent player and the remaining 3%.

There are still distributions to be determined:

The tenth place is not closed and there are three clubs that are vying to occupy it, Alavés, Osasuna and Getafe. Finishing tenth means about 54 million for the fixed rate and 2,75%. Being eleventh implies about 53 million. Here the variable is 2,50%. The twelfth position reports around 51 because here the variable percentage is 2,25%. There could also be changes from thirteenth to seventeenth in the classification where Sevilla, Celta, Las Palmas and Mallorca are.

LaLiga is expected to distribute around 1.500 billion euros, a figure that reflects the enormous economic importance

Revenue distribution for teams in the lower half of the table and relegation

The thirteenth will receive about 49 million since here the percentage is 2%. A position below, where the percentage is 1,75%, implies income of around 48 million. The fifteenth about 47 (fixed plus 1,50%). About 45 the sixteenth (fixed plus 1,25%). The seventeenth 43 million where the percentage is 1%. And then there is relegation, where Cádiz will surely finish in eighteenth place.

This represents about 42 million for the landline plus 0,75%. There could be a change in the penultimate and last position occupied by Granada and Almería respectively. The 19th place implies about 40 million for the permanent and 0,50% remaining. In the case of the twentieth it will be about 39 million since the variable is 0,25% plus the fixed.

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