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Manomanista semi-finals: Laso and Zabala meet at the Labrit

Mairenis Gomez

May 6, 2024 | 6:16 p.m.

An expected duel in Iruñea

The Manomanista de Primera semi-final is shaping up to be a stellar confrontation between Unai Laso and Javier Zabala, scheduled for next May 18 at the emblematic Labrit fronton in Pamplona. This event at the Labrit, known for its vibrant atmosphere and its capacity to fill up at high-caliber events, promises to be an exciting duel in which both pelotaris will seek a place in the grand final. Both contenders will come into this match having already played two matches at this same venue during the championship, which adds an element of familiarity to the matchup.

Artola awaits rival in Donostia

On the other hand, the Atano III in Donostia will be the setting for the other semi-final, which will be held on May 19. Iñaki Artola awaits the winner of the match between Jokin Altuna and Darío Gómez, which will be played this Sunday at the Astelena fronton in Eibar. This will be an opportunity for Artola to reach his second head-to-head final, while Altuna and Darío will fight to prove his worth in one of the most prestigious competitions in Basque pelota.

The route to the final

The Manomanista de Primera is not only a tournament that highlights the best pelotaris of the moment, but it is also a platform for these athletes to demonstrate their resistance, technique and strategy on the frontis. With the Labrit and the Atano III as a backdrop, these semi-finals are presented as a crucial step towards glory in the championship, with the added possibility of qualification for the UEFA Youth League for the final winner.

The fans of handball are, without a doubt, facing matches that will be remembered not only for the skill of the players, but also for the intensity and passion that characterize this sport. With tickets selling out quickly and anticipation growing, the Manomanista semi-finals are set to capture the essence of the game and showcase the high level of modern pelotari.

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