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Sestao River between glory and uncertainty

Maria Jose Gonzalez

June 8, 2024 | 1:00 pm

The Sestao River Club is in a critical situation despite having ensured its permanence in Primera RFEF on May 25. The victory in León against Cultural Leonesa unleashed joy in the green-black family, but the shadows of financial difficulties threaten to transform that joy into tragedy. The club faces serious financial problems that put its registration in the next campaign in the bronze category at risk. If this happens, the club could be administratively relegated to Second RFEF and, worse still, be disqualified for a season from being promoted again to First RFEF even if they achieve it sportingly.

A precarious economic situation

The president of Sestao River, Ángel Castro, has expressed his deep concern about the club's financial situation. According to Castro, "We have no budget, there is no sports management, no coaching staff, no squad". As of today, the club could not register in Primera RFEF due to lack of funds. The president has detailed that the budget necessary for next season should increase by more than 200.000 euros compared to the current year, reaching close to a million and a half euros. «The accounts of this last year are saved, but today we are at zero»says Castro.

Need for institutional support

Castro makes a appeal to public institutions to provide greater financial support to the club. «We need a decent budget to compete with guarantees»says the president, who highlights that clubs from other autonomous communities that compete in the same category receive up to 300.000 euros in subsidies. "We can understand that public aid is not given to sports clubs, but if so, it should not be given elsewhere either"Castro complains. Although the Sestao City Council has promised a contribution that it considers important, this is not enough to cover the club's needs.

An uncertain future

Despite the difficulties, Ángel Castro does not lose hope and assures that They will continue to move and knock on all possible doors to generate income. They have until June 30 to design an adequate budget and are confident of being able to resolve the situation to return to compete in Primera RFEF without giving up their place. However, "We can't do crazy things, we can't mortgage the club", emphasizes the president. The figures are what they are and they hope to achieve them without compromising the future of the club.

Regarding the continuity of Roberto Sáez and Aitor Calle as sports director and coach, respectively, Castro has not clarified their situation, although everything indicates that both have their feet more outside than inside Las Llanas. Besides, No player on the squad has a contract beyond June 30 and several of them handle offers from other groups.

The Sestao River faces an uncertain future, where good sense and proper resource management will be crucial to guarantee the survival and competitiveness of the club in the bronze category of Spanish football.

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