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Sestao River and associated clubs establish a single rate for visiting fans

Laura Rangel Ybarra

August 25, 2023 | 5:00 pm

Unity in sport: The purpose behind the fee

A dozen teams from the First Federation, led by the Sestao River, adopt a maximum rate of 15 euros for visiting followers. Encouragement for the fans. In an unprecedented move in the world of football, Sestao River, accompanied by ten other clubs from group 1, has set a maximum price of 15 euros for adult category tickets in the areas for visiting fans.

This decision is a clear sign of their interest in encouraging the mobility of their fans and, ultimately, strengthening the sportsmanship and camaraderie between clubs.

Details of the official statement

The black-green club not only demonstrates its solidarity with its fans, but also a progressive vision in the sports field. According to official statements, this step has been taken "with the purpose of facilitating and encouraging the movement of our followers, as well as to guarantee football within everyone's reach."

Sestao River and 10 other clubs agree on a maximum price of €15 for visitor tickets

It has been made clear that the exact number of tickets to be exchanged will be at the discretion of the clubs involved, taking into account their respective infrastructures and the capacity of their stadiums.

Clubs committed to this initiative

In addition to the participation of Sestao River, other teams have decided to join this noble cause. Among the most prominent clubs are: Sabadell, Unionistas, SD Logroñés, Deportivo, Cultural Leonesa, Gimnàstic, Osasuna Promises, Rayo Majadahonda, Teruel and Real Unión. This group not only includes Sestao River's opponent in their next contest, Unionistas, but also high caliber teams like Deportivo and Sabadell.

The consolidation of this agreement marks a milestone in the history of Spanish football. It not only represents financial relief for the fans, but also a clear message about brotherhood and unity between clubs, putting the fan, the true heart of football, first. We will be attentive to how this proposal develops and if other clubs join this initiative in the future.

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