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Spectacular Police Chase Ends With Arrest Of Couple Of Thieves Movie In Muskiz

Jesus Carames

April 4, 2023 | 7:02 p.m.

In an episode that seems to have been taken from an action movie, the security forces of Bizkaia managed to arrest two suspects after a dizzying chase. The arrest was made last Sunday in Muskiz (Bizkaia), and those involved, a 25-year-old man and woman, are being investigated for their alleged participation in a robbery at a Getxo home.

High speed chase on the A-8

Agents of the Bizkaia Territorial Criminal Investigation Service (SICTB) detected last Sunday a vehicle circulating on the A-8 near Bilbao, in the direction of Cantabria, which was related to the robbery in Getxo. As the police vehicles positioned themselves behind the suspect and signaled for him to stop, the driver began to driving recklessly at high speed, ignoring the indications and endangering the safety of other road users.

Objects thrown and collision with police vehicle

During the pursuit, the occupants of the suspect vehicle came to throw out the windows screwdrivers and other tools, generating situations of serious risk for circulation. Finally, they entered a secondary road at the height of Muskiz, where the police were able to block their way. Finding himself cornered, the driver of the vehicle rammed into one of the police vehicles, but was intercepted.

Recovery of stolen items and arrest of suspects

Inside the stopped vehicle, various tools, jewelry and money were found that linked the occupants to the robbery in the house of Getxo. Other objects of alleged illegal origin were also found, the origin of which the detainees could not explain.

Subsequently, and with the corresponding judicial authorization, an entry and search was carried out in the house of the arrested located in the Biscayan capital. Two watches and a considerable amount of money were seized there, the origin of which is being investigated.

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