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Athletic Club loses €1M in shirts

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Jesus Carames

April 18, 2024 | 9:22 a.m.

After 40 years, Athletic Club has achieved resounding success that not only reaffirms its unique philosophy and values, but also boosts its economic power. However, not everything has been positive in the economic field, since according to a study by Data4Help, the club has experienced significant losses in terms of merchandising, specifically more than one million euros in t-shirt sales. This setback is mainly attributed to two critical factors:

  1. inability to Castor to meet the demand: Castore, as Athletic's technical supplier, has faced criticism for failing to adapt to the growing demand for the club's products. This lack of adaptability has resulted in an almost total shortage in both the club's physical stores and online platforms, harming sales of many licensed products. This problem is doubly frustrating during moments of sporting success, when enthusiasm naturally increases and, with it, interest in purchasing official products. 20 thousand are the units that have been assumed not to have been attended to or were subject to illegal sales at €25 per unit.
  2. Illegal sale of t-shirts: Despite efforts to control the black market, the illegal sale of Athletic shirts continues to be a problem in Bilbao and the towns of Bizkaia. The recent arrests in illegal warehouses in Sestao have highlighted the magnitude of the problem, but there is still much to be done to completely eradicate this practice which not only harms the club's finances but also damages its brand image.

The loss of a million euros (stop winning) It is significant for a club of Athletic's size, especially in a period of sporting boom that could have maximized income through the sale of merchandising. This scenario requires the club and its commercial partners, such as Castore, to redouble efforts to ensure that official products are available to fans and that more effective measures are taken against counterfeits.

For Athletic, the challenge is twofold: on the one hand, it must improve logistics and production capacity with Castore to avoid future shortages and, on the other hand, strengthen the strategies for the protection of its intellectual property and collaborate more closely with the authorities to minimize the impact of illegal sales. Only in this way will the club be able to take full advantage of the golden era that seems to be predicted on the sporting and commercial horizon.

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