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The Athletic coach sees Agirrezabala as essential

Jesus Carames

April 17, 2024 | 7:30 p.m.

Agirrezabala's contractual situation

In a recent twist within Athletic Club de Bilbao, the situation of Julen Agirrezabala, the young reserve goalkeeper, has begun to be resolved favorably. Agirrezabala, whose competition with starter Unai Simón has limited his opportunities in goal, appears close to renewing his contract with the red and white club, a decision that reflects the confidence that coach Ernesto Valverde places in him.

Valverde and his trust in Agirrezabala

Ernesto Valverde, Athletic's strategist, has been a defender of Agirrezabala's permanence in the team. Although the young goalkeeper has enjoyed limited appearances, mainly in the Copa del Rey, his performance has convinced Valverde of his potential and importance for the club's future.

Renewal and possible transfer

The renewal of Agirrezabala would imply not only a vote of confidence on the part of the club but also the openness to possible strategic movements, such as a loan. Given the goalkeeper's youth, only 23 years old, and his need to accumulate playing minutes for his development, a loan to another club where he can start seems a viable option. He Real Valladolid, among others, has shown interest, anticipating the possible temporary departure of the player after the renewal.

The future with or without Unai Simón

Agirrezabala's situation is intrinsically linked to that of Unai Simon, the undisputed number one in goal for Athletic and one of the most outstanding goalkeepers on the international scene. Although for now Simón has not shown intentions of leaving the club, football is unpredictable, and his departure would definitively open the doors of ownership to Agirrezabala.

Implications of renewal

The imminent renewal of Agirrezabala, which currently ties him to the club until 2025, would ensure that Athletic retains a homegrown talent with the potential to grow and eventually assume a more leading role. This move would also protect the club in financial and sporting terms, ensuring that they have a goalkeeper in their ranks with first-team experience and ready to take on greater responsibilities if the opportunity presents itself.

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