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The dazzling triumph of Jokin Altuna in the Manomanista 2023

Jesus Carames

April 23, 2023 | 8:02 p.m.

The world of pelotari has witnessed a Historic moment at Manomanista 2023, where Jokin Altuna has emerged from the shadows to present his candidacy for the txapela. His resounding victory against Unai Laso (9-22), the defending champion, has impressed the public and his rivals, showing that he is a serious contender in the fight for the title.

The Rise of Jokin Altuna

Comeback on the scoreboard

Altuna began the match with the score against him, 5-2, but he was not intimidated by the situation. With determination and skill, he began to turn the situation in his favor, using the underhand wisely and effectively.

Impeccable tactics on the pitch

Altuna's tactic was not limited to the bottom, but also included moving Laso from one side of the pitch to the other, putting into practice a smart strategy to unbalance your rival. This tactic was key to his success in the match.

Mastery of the serve

El powerful serve Jokin Altuna was a fundamental tool in his victory. He scored seven direct goals thanks to his precision and strength in the serve, which allowed him to take the initiative of the game from the tie to five goals.

The Fall of the Champion: Unai Laso

The defeat of Unai Laso, the reigning champion, has been final. Jokin Altuna not only surpassed him in skill and tactics, but also in confidence and determination. Laso could only score nine goals in total, a disappointing result for a pelotari of his level.

A Promising Future for Altuna

This resounding victory and the good performance in the Manomanista 2023 have positioned Jokin Altuna as a serious aspirant to the txapela. With exceptional skills, impeccable tactics and unwavering determination, Altuna has shown that he has what it takes to compete with the best pelotaris of the moment.

Rivalries and expectations

The future looks promising for Jokin Altuna, who will surely continue to face great rivals in his quest for the txapela. The rivalry with Unai Laso has added an additional element of excitement to the Manomanista, with spectators looking forward to the next meeting between these two Basque pelota titans.

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