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Unai Laso first finalist for Manomanista 2024

Jesus Carames

May 18, 2024 | 7:38 p.m.

Navarrese striker Unai Laso has become the first finalist of the Manomanista Basque Pelota tournament. Laso managed to win the Labrit in Pamplona with a resounding 22-12 victory over Javi Zabala from Rioja, thus securing his place in the final that will be played on June 2 in Bilbao..

A decisive match

The match at the Labrit was not Unai Laso's best match, but his performance was enough to overcome Javi Zabala who, according to experts, was very tight during the game. «Not even J.Etxaniz himself is capable of making a very tight Zabala play. And he is paying for it," commented a party analyst. Laso, without displaying his best game, managed to control the match and guarantee his place in the final.

The Grand Final in Bilbao

Unai Laso will play the txapela on June 2 in Bilbao against the winner of the semifinal that will be played tomorrow in Donosti between Iñaki Artola and Jokin Altuna. This semi-final promises to be an intense confrontation, as both pelota players have demonstrated a high level of competition throughout the tournament.

Expectations for the Final

Fans are looking forward to the Manomanista final, one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world of Basque pelota. Unai Laso, known for his skill and tenacity on the court, will have to prepare to face a formidable opponent, be it Artola or Altuna, both with impressive careers in the sport.

Laso's victory at the Labrit not only secures him a place in the final, but also reinforces his reputation as one of the best pelotaris of the moment. Basque pelota fans will be paying attention to tomorrow's semifinal in Donosti to see who will be Laso's opponent in the long-awaited final in Bilbao.

With the final scheduled for June 2, the atmosphere in Bilbao is preparing to receive the best pelotaris of the tournament. Unai Laso has already proven his worth, and now we just have to wait to see who his opponent will be in the fight for the Manomanista txapela.

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