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The millions that Athletic receives from television

The millions that Athletic receives from television

Jeickson Sulbaran

January 2, 2024 | 8:04 a.m.

The Professional Football League (LaLiga) has recently revealed the details of the distribution of the television rights for the season for the Athletic Club 2022 / 2023, an impressive sum that reaches 1.525,1 million euros. This announcement not only demonstrates the economic value of Spanish football, but also how these revenues are distributed among clubs, significantly affecting their operations and strategies. Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the giants of Spanish football, continue to be the main beneficiaries, with revenues of 161 and 160 million euros respectively.

But What does this mean for a club like Athletic Club de Bilbao? How does this distribution impact your economy and your ability to compete both nationally and internationally? These are key questions that deserve to be explored to better understand the current landscape of Spanish football.

The economic impact of television rights on LaLiga clubs

The distribution of television rights is a complex and meticulously structured process for Athletic. Part of this distribution is carried out through the project LaLiga Impulso, in which 8% of television revenues are transferred to the CVC fund. This distribution structure is divided into 50% that is distributed equally among all clubs, and the other 50% is distributed based on various criteria, including the sporting results of the last five seasons and the social mass of each club. The latter is calculated from television audiences and the sale of tickets and season tickets.

For Athletic Club, this represents an opportunity to receive a significant income stream, which can be used to strengthen the team, improve infrastructure and, in general, increase your competitiveness. It is important to note that these incomes not only influence purchasing power in the transfer market, but also the club's ability to retain its most valuable players and attract new talent.

LaLiga Hypermotion and its effect on clubs

In addition to conventional income from television rights, LaLiga has also introduced LaLiga Hypermotion. This is an additional distribution scheme that especially benefits clubs that have recently been relegated, such as Deportivo Alavés, Levante and Granada. These clubs receive financial compensation that helps them deal with the consequences of relegation, such as the high salaries of First Division players.

Athletic Club, by remaining in the top category, does not directly benefit from this relegation compensation scheme, but the existence of these mechanisms demonstrates LaLiga's effort to maintain a competitive and financial balance between clubs. This reflects a holistic approach to ensure the viability and competitiveness of all teams in the league..

The distribution of television rights in LaLiga is a crucial factor that directly influences the economy and strategy of the clubs, for him Athletic Club, these incomes represent a fundamental piece in its financial scheme, allowing it to compete at a high level and maintain its unique identity in Spanish football. As football continues to be a high-flying business, intelligent and strategic management of these resources will be key to success on and off the field.

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