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The new Athletic is cooking this month

Mairenis Gomez

April 16, 2024 | 1:00 p.m.

Athletic Bilbao, guided by Ernesto Valverde, seeks to reinforce its current project

Over the past few months, I have had the opportunity to observe up close how el Athletic Club, Under the direction of Ernest Valverde, has been molding a team which has not only made history this season, but is also preparing to face the Spanish Super Cup and the Europa League with ambition. In the midst of this optimistic outlook, the club's sports management has begun to plan for next season, being aware that not all current players will be part of this ascending future.

The challenge of configuring a competitive squad while respecting player cycles

One of the most imminent challenges for Valverde is to decide on the continuity of several players who have been less protagonists this season. Asier Villalibre and Imanol García de Albéniz are among the main candidates to leave the team, a decision that reflects not only the evolution of the squad but also the need for these players to find more minutes elsewhere. Furthermore, Adu Ares' situation is particularly interesting, despite having Valverde's trust, the youngster needs to play more regularly to continue his development.

In addition to these specific changes, There are other players whose contracts are ending, such as Dani García and Álex Berenguer. The club has proposed to renew for one more year, but the final decision will depend on their personal ambitions and the interest of other clubs. This poses a dilemma for the board, how to maintain a balance between experience and the renewal necessary to face greater challenges.

Next season will also see the return of five players who were on loan

The crucial role of players returned from loans in the team configuration

On the other hand, next season will also see the return of five players who were on loan. His performance in other teams has been mixed, but cases like that of Nico Serrano stand out. Serrano has shown the potential to integrate into the first team, although the recent signing of Álvaro Djaló could complicate his situation. These circumstances put Valverde in a position where he must carefully evaluate which players can effectively contribute to the team's growth.

In short, As Athletic Club prepares to compete on multiple fronts, managing its squad becomes a balancing act between maintaining a solid foundation. And introduce new talents that can take the team to new heights. This month's decisions will not only determine the composition of the team for the 2025 season. They will also lay the foundation for the club's long-term future in European football. As always, the last word will be Ernesto Valverde, whose vision and leadership will be crucial in this transition period.

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