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The party doesn't stop at Athletic: Villalibre and his txaranga liven up Bilbao

The party doesn't stop at Athletic Villalibre and its txaranga keep their spirits high

Jeickson Sulbaran

April 10, 2024 | 9:26 a.m.

A historic celebration runs through Bilbao after Athletic's victory in the Copa del Rey, marking a before and after in the city

Athletic Club de Bilbao has written a new golden page in its history. The conquest of the 25th Copa del Rey has unleashed a wave of joy and celebration that has spread throughout the city. It is not just a sporting triumph; It is the reaffirmation of an identity, a culture and a passion that defines Bilbao and Bizkaia. Last Saturday's victory in La Cartuja against a formidable rival was not just the result of a soccer match; It was the culmination of a collective dream, of a wait that has lasted four decades.

The center of this celebration has been the txaranga led by Asier Villalibre, who together with Iñaki Williams, Yuri Berchiche, and Oihan Sancet, have taken the party to the streets of Bilbao. "We are crazy in the head," they could be heard shouting while the music and chants They were mixed with the overflowing happiness of a fan who has waited a long time to see their team lift such a precious trophy again.

The Gabarra will sail again in an unprecedented tribute

Thursday, April 11 will be a day to remember. The historic Athletic Barge, symbol of the club's great celebrations, will tour the Nervión in an event that is expected to bring together thousands of fans along its banks. This event is not just a celebration; It is a reunion of the fans with their team, a manifestation of pride and joy that extends beyond football. The Gabarra, which concludes its journey around 19:00 p.m., will be received by Mayor Juan Mari Aburto and the municipal delegation in a ceremony that promises to be emotional and significant.

An hour later, the team, now by bus, will continue their celebration towards the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, where they will be received by the general deputy, Elixabete Etxanobe. In both places, brief formal speeches will then give way to applause. of a fan who sees in this team not only champions, but true local heroes.

This series of events underlines an inescapable truth: Athletic Club is more than a football club; It is a symbol of Basque identity, an emblem of perseverance and passion. The victory in the Copa del Rey is not only a sporting achievement; It is a victory for the community, a triumph of the spirit that unites Bilbao and all of Bizkaia.

The expectation is enormous, and the city is already pulsating to the rhythm of the upcoming celebration. Athletic's victory in the 2024 Copa del Rey has not only marked the end of a long wait of 40 years, but has also begun a new era of optimism and pride among the fans. Bilbao and Bizkaia are experiencing days of uncontrollable joy, a party that reflects the very essence of what it means to be part of this great red and white family.

The Athletic festival is not only a sports celebration; It is the manifestation of a community united by the love of its team, a testament to the joy that football can bring to people's lives. In Bilbao, the music will continue to play, the chants will not stop and the Gabarra, eternal symbol of Athletic's victories, will sail proudly along the Nervión, carrying with it not only the Copa del Rey champions, but also the hearts of all those who feel part of this unforgettable story.

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